You Can Prevent A Baking Flour Mess With An Easy Whisk Hack

Whisks have been around for quite a while, but The New York Times credits TV cooking personality Julia Child with popularizing the whisk in the American market. For folks who are used to electric mixers, whisks can be hard to master. You might even be making a mistake while using a whisk and not even know it. A whisk, however, is elemental cooking and baking nowadays, with BBC Good Food stating that whisks are needed to incorporate air into ingredients, a crucial step in baking something fickle like macarons.

For some, baking a cake is just as fun as decorating and eating it, minus the kitchen clean-up, of course. Dealing with flour all over the counter is likely everyone's least favorite thing about baking as a whole. There is, however, one easy hack to prevent a baking flour mess that uses nothing more than a whisk.

Dunk your whisk in the flour bag

A controversial baking hack is making its rounds on the internet, and bakers are divided. According to a TikTok user, the best way to avoid mess while transferring baking flour to a dish is to use a whisk to scoop out the flour. There are many kinds of whisks, including flat and coil, but based on the viral Tiktok video with over 5.9 million views, it looks like a balloon whisk or french whisk may do the best job for this hack. As Food Network describes, the balloon whisk has a balloon-like, elliptical shape, meaning the wires of the whisk form an oblong center around an empty space, perfect for holding flour. That is precisely what happens after one plunges their whisk into a bag of flour before transferring a whisk full of flour over to their container of choice, be it a glass baking dish or a bowl, as in another Tiktok user's case.

While multiple people are posting videos demonstrating the hack, people in the comments are not big fans of the idea of baking without proper measurements. "No measurements, just whisks and vibes," one TikTok user commented. Another user wrote, "Does the recipe call for a whisk of flour?" The hack may not work for recipes that require precise measurements, like cake or cookies, but it could be helpful in other recipes, like cooking pancakes, where the measurements are a bit more relaxed. So, when it comes to using this easy whisk hack, cake nay, pancakes yay!