The Trader Joe's Maple Pancake Snaps Are Instagram's New Cookie Of Choice

The avocado toast may be the trendiest most delicious breakfast Instagram has ever seen, but not perfect enough for sweet breakfast lovers. This team loves having a mix of carbs, fruits, and sweetening syrup to start the day along with coffee, from oatmeal to loaded pancakes and waffles to simple toast with jam or classic french toast.

Pancake enthusiasts could go even further, satisfying their morning sweet cravings at any time of the day. But, isn't ordering loaded pancakes with whipped cream and bananas at 3 p.m. kind of weird? It shouldn't be, but someone might be staring at how odd our lunch choice is.

There is a way of keeping those morning flavors in a pastry form, and luckily, they might be in a Trader Joe's near you. The grocery store chain now offers are pancake-inspired cookies that Instagram can't stop talking about, and it might be your greatest snack discovery yet. Let me present to you: Maple Pancake Snaps from Trader Joe's.

Instagram loves the new maple-flavored treat from Trader Joe's

For just $3.99 (varying by location), you can get a box of around 50 small biscuits, according to an Instagram post. "What wizardry is this," reads a comment. To answer the question, these are "pancake-inspired butter cookies with maple syrup molasses and cinnamon." Did you feel the fall touch in there? According to a Reddit post, these are part of Trader Joe's new products for 2023 and are an off-shoot of the Maple Syrup Puffs.

A lucky follower already tried it and said, "They are divine! They have the texture and crispiness of a vanilla wafer and the taste of maple." They are crunchy, "like a ginger snap," explained another. Some celebrated these new snacks, saying they were "loving all the maple treats," with someone else suggesting, "these would make a fun ice cream sandwich."

However, many were complaining the snaps are not allergy-friendly. They do contain nuts, wheat, and dairy. "Such a shame it contains milk," someone commented, while others said they wish the cookies were gluten-free. And although some loved this maple treat, one user said, "They just taste like regular butter cookies." I think the only way to find out if these are the "greatest boxed cookies ever," as a Redditor says, is to try them.