The Trader Joe's Cookies Gluten-Free Fans Need To Know About

If you, look up "gluten free" on Trader Joe's website, you'll find more than 80 products currently listed, plus various recipes and hacks. It has positioned itself as a place to find unique products, including sweet treats available for people who are avoiding gluten in their diet. That includes various muffins and cookies.

These aren't necessarily products you'll find everywhere. According to TJ's website, about four out of five products at the store are private-label. Scrape Hero says there are just over 500 locations across the United States, so the accessibility greatly depends on where you live. If you live near one of the locations, you might find several gluten-free variations on popular foods like the gluten-free pizza that got a makeover, the gluten-free wraps that Trader Joe's shoppers have been divided on, and the gluten-free beverage that has fans freaking out.

Shoppers might also come across gluten-free Chocolate Chunk and Oatmeal Coconut cookies (via Instagram). According to one Trader Joe's regular, the cookies have just one "issue."

Trader Joe's expanded gluten-free cookie lineup

Trader Joe's is no gluten-free cookie rookie. The grocer already offered gluten-free chocolate chip cookies which Trader Joe's Reviews gave five stars to. On Sept. 28, the Instagram account traderjoesglutenfree posted an image of a gluten-free Trader Joe's Chocolate Chunk and Oatmeal Coconut cookies, exclaiming in the caption, "Wow these new cookies are incredibly delicious! They're the perfect size (BIG) and the texture is off the chart!"

For anyone who avoids gluten in their diets, a common issue is whether a product that claims it is gluten-free is truly devoid of all gluten. As Epicuren explains, many such products can may contain trace amounts of gluten due to cross-contamination. While there have not yet been any publicized tests on these specific cookies, Good for You Gluten Free has tested many other Trader Joe's gluten-free products and found them to be without detectable amounts of gluten. However, the ingredient labels show that these new cookies do contain milk and eggs, so there might be other concerns.

The "only issue" traderjoesglutenfree has is that they "will want to eat way too many" cookies. Not all of Trader Joe's gluten-free products are hits, however. In fact, jordanlovespenny replied to the post, "I tried the chocolate chip [and] I didn't like them." Additionally, there was a gluten-free oat creamer that Trader Joe's shoppers had one big problem with, namely that it contained sunflower oil. When it comes to gluten-free cookies, though, Trader Joe's shoppers have options.