TikTok's Copycat Pop-Tart Is Made In A Coffee Mug

For over 50 years, kids have been throwing blue boxes of their favorite flavor of Pop-Tarts into grocery carts with or without their parent's blessing. The jammy pastry has been the go-to snack (or breakfast for lucky kids) for several generations, solidifying its place in pop culture and the pantheon of great snack options forever.

According to Pop-Tarts, the treat is available in almost 100 Pop-Tarts flavors, with the original strawberry, brown sugar-cinnamon, and blueberry still among the most popular options. Even empty-nesters who can't use the cover of an after-school snack to stock their pantry could be prompted by nostalgia to create Pop-Tarts at home.

Bake reports that copycat Pop-Tarts as a big trend over the past few years. Bakeries and home bakers looking to relive the simple pleasure of their childhood snack started rolling out pie dough to make their own. These slab pies are entirely customizable, making them in any size, with any filling, and crimped, frosted, and decorated just like the real thing.

copycat Pop-Tart recipe can be made with homemade or packaged pie dough, making this baking project simple and fast. However, TikTok's newest version is even quicker. A warm frosted Pop-Tart can be yours in just one minute if you have a mug and a microwave.

Just 60 seconds

Thanks to TikTok, individual servings of cake, cookies, and brownies, called mug cakes, have satisfied sweet tooth cravings in the middle of the night for millions. Parade reports the mug cake trend began around 2010 and took off, sparking cookbooks on the portion-controlled, child-friendly dessert. There are mug cake videos for molten lava cakes to warm chocolate chip cookies and we can add Strawberry Pop-Tarts to the growing menu.

While the copycat Strawberry Pop-Tart mug cakes on TikTok may not be as cute as the OG, the recipe hits all the important notes: They are filled with jam and topped with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles. One of the genius things about mug cakes is the minimal mess; the whole thing is mixed, cooked, and enjoyed in the same mug.

To make your own Pop-Tart mug cake, you'll need butter, sugar, milk, flour, frosting, and sprinkles. In your favorite microwave-safe mug, combine one tablespoon of butter with one tablespoon of granulated sugar. Add two tablespoons of milk and all-purpose flour and mix with a fork. While strawberry jam is used in this recipe, you can add peanut butter, Nutella, or a different flavor of jam. Make a well in the center, place one tablespoon of filling, and then cover it with the batter. Microwave for 60 seconds until the top is firm. Top your Pop-Tart in a mug with frosting and garnish with sprinkles and you have a few heavenly spoonfuls of your favorite childhood snack.