12 Best Alcohol Products Ever Pitched On Shark Tank

The hit series "Shark Tank" has given multiple companies the capital they need to bring unique, innovative products to life. The series features a panel of expert investors who listen to companies' presentations and potentially offer investment deals to help grow their businesses. The show gives entrepreneurs access to funding they might not be able to find through traditional means and helps small businesses gain a solid foundation, not to mention exposure. As a result, many companies have enjoyed lasting prosperity since their appearance on the show, establishing a loyal fan base in their industries and expanding into new markets.

Among the many companies featured, several have offered products catering to consumers who enjoy alcoholic beverages. These unique products run the gamut, from intriguing beer-cooling devices to new ways to preserve wine, and everything in between. Although some never really got off the ground, the best "Shark Tank" alcohol products have generated impressive sales nationwide and have led their respective companies to success. These products are available online and in brick-and-mortar stores around the U.S. and offer consumers new ways to enjoy their favorite drinks.

1. Bottle Breacher (Season 6, Episode 8)

Beer lovers who want a bottle opener with some flare may appreciate the unique design of Bottle Breacher products. The company appeared on Season 6 of "Shark Tank," with entrepreneur Elijah Crane presenting the brand's signature product: spent bullets repurposed into bottle openers. According to Shark Tank Blog, Crane was a Navy SEAL, and the company primarily employs military personnel and veterans. Crane had already experienced financial success selling his products on Etsy, and came to "Shark Tank" intending to expand his growing business. Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban offered a combined deal, which Crane accepted.

After its successful appearance on the show, Bottle Breacher continued to build on that success. In 2018, Dallas Business Journal reported the company surpassed $17 million in sales and donated funds to multiple charities benefiting current and former military members. The company has also vastly expanded its product line to include key chains, coasters, koozies, and apparel. Additionally, customers can purchase the original Bottle Breacher in three different sizes, many of which are engravable. Most notably, the company's Never Forgotten Series features commemorative bottle openers dedicated to soldiers killed in the line of duty, with proceeds donated to military charities.

2. Blendtique (Season 8, Episode 19)

Even with all the wine options available these days, endless flavor combinations are still possible, and one "Shark Tank" presenter devised a way to tap into wine connoisseurs' creativity. In Season 8, an entrepreneur and master sommelier named Billy Dim pitched his idea for Blendtique, a wine company that allows consumers to create custom wine blends at home. According to Shark Tank Success, Dim received a somewhat lackluster response from some of the Sharks, but Lori Greiner was intrigued enough to make a deal with the entrepreneur. The article explains that the company had already enjoyed initial financial success before appearing in the series, and the business continued to grow afterward.

In 2018, the brand brokered a partnership with Celebrity Cruises, allowing travelers to participate in a wine blending course during their trip. For wine fans who won't be setting sail anytime soon, the company offers at-home blending kits and the ability to order fully customized wine complete with a consumer-designed label. Consumers can combine percentages of four types of red wine into a custom blend, design their label, and order up to sixty bottles of their signature creation. Furthermore, the brand's website offers the ability to schedule in-person and virtual wine-blending events.

3. Kanga Coolers (Season 10, Episode 18)

The right cooler is essential when transporting beer to a tailgate party or backyard barbecue. Season 10 of "Shark Tank" featured entrepreneurs Teddy Giard, Logan Lamance, and Austin Maxwell, who presented their company, Kanga Coolers, for the Sharks' consideration. The trio created their company to solve the problem of keeping beer cold without needing a bulky traditional cooler. Instead, the company offers ice-less, soft-sided coolers that perfectly fit a case of beer. Mark Cuban jumped at the chance to invest in this company, securing a deal with the entrepreneurs before the other Sharks could even make an offer.

Since its appearance in the series, Kanga Coolers has enjoyed ongoing success. The company now has its products featured in over 4,000 stores and appeared on the 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 list. The company still sells its original Kase Mate, which holds an entire case of beer, as well as a backpack-style cooler, and a top-load cooler for loose drinks. However, the brand has also expanded its product offerings to include beer-friendly accessories such as the Neoprene Rooski, which helps keep canned beer cold. Diehard fans of the brand can also purchase t-shirts, polo shirts, and even a kangaroo costume on the company website.

4. IcyBreeze (Season 7, Episode 15)

Many people drink cold beverages such as beer on hot summer days, but what if beer coolers could serve another function? Enter the IcyBreeze, a revolutionary product introduced in Season 7. These coolers run on ice and keep a single person (and plenty of beer) comfortably cool for hours. A team of three entrepreneurs presented this invention to the Sharks, who were intrigued until they heard the asking price for the product: $349. This led the Sharks to drop out of negotiations one by one, and the original owners left without securing a deal. However, according to Shark Tank Recap, the business is still flourishing and under new ownership.

According to Sweetwater Reporter, the company entered into a five-year arrangement with Sweetwater Economic Development to support further growth. This agreement includes incentives to hire more staff to join the company's team of 32 people. The article also notes that IcyBreeze has experienced a 174% increase in sales each year since 2018. The company offers its traditional cooler, the more advanced IcyBreeze Platinum, and accessories and replacement parts for each. However, like many companies, IcyBreeze has suffered from some COVID-19 pandemic supply chain issues, which have limited its available inventory (via the company website).

5. BeatBox Beverages (Season 6, Episode 6)

Although boxed wine is not a new idea, BeatBox Beverages offers a unique take on this product with its wine-based mixed drinks. When it first debuted on "Shark Tank," it was the brainchild of three business school classmates: Brad Schulz, Aimey Steadman, and Justin Fenchel. The company was Texas-based at the time and offered just four flavors. The original packaging looked like an old-school boombox, which fit perfectly with the business name. According to the founders, the inspiration behind their brand was the desire for a fun, portable alternative to standard party drinks.

After scoring a $1 million investment from Mark Cuban in Season 6, the brand has grown steadily. Today, it sells 8 flavors of their party-themed beverages in single-flavor 12-packs or a variety pack. The flavor offerings are all fruit-based and include two different varieties of fruit punch, Blue Razzberry, Cranberry Dreams, and several other options. BeatBox Beverages announced that it experienced a revenue jump of 110% from 2021 to 2022 and has expanded into more retailers than ever before. The company also continues to launch new flavors, including the 2022 release of Juicy Mango. The brand representatives also appear in an episode of "Beyond The Tank," a spin-off that gives fans updates from memorable "Shark Tank" presenters.

6. GoVerre (Season 8, Episode 22)

Wine is an excellent addition to picnics and other outdoor meals, but bringing glassware can pose a challenge. Standard wine glasses can be too delicate to transport easily, and styrofoam or plastic cups detract from the magic of enjoying a glass of wine. One company, GoVerre, offered a solution to that issue in Season 8 of "Shark Tank." Two friends named Shannon Zappala and Regan Kelaher created the brand and had already experienced moderate success when they appeared on the show. The company specializes in stemless, durable wine glasses that are classier than disposable cups but more portable than traditional glasses. According to the GoVerre website, the glasses feature silicone sleeves that help protect the ultra-thick glass and make them easier to hold securely.

These glasses — and the charismatic leaders of the company — inspired competition between the Sharks, with Robert, Mark, and Lori eventually banding together to invest in a percentage of the business. As of 2023, the brand offers its original wine glasses, a line of champagne flutes, cocktail glasses, and even portable charcuterie plates. Customers can find all its products online or in dozens of retailers across the U.S. and Canada. In 2016, GoVerre even earned a nod from Oprah.com, which featured the brand's wine glasses in a list of innovative summer-ready products.

7. BottleKeeper (Season 10, Episode 6)

Keeping beer and other bottled alcoholic beverages cold can be challenging, but BottleKeeper presented an ingenious way to do so in their Season 10 appearance. The company's namesake product is a hard-sided, thermos-style cooler that fits around a standard beer bottle to keep it cold and protected. According to Shark Tank Recap, the brand had already achieved $20 million in sales in the three years before appearing on the series, so it's no surprise the Sharks were especially interested in hearing the pitch. The company's founders, Adam Callinan and Matt Campbell, sought a $1 million investment in their company based on these sales and struck a two-way deal with Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban.

Unsurprisingly, the brand is still going strong after landing this deal with the Sharks. The company offers its flagship product in two different sizes, as well as an option for cans and a pint-sized cup for any beverage. In addition, customers can choose from multiple product colors to suit their tastes. Furthermore, the brand offers a cooler, apparel, and spare parts for all its products. Businesses also have the option to place bulk orders of customized products through the company's Custom Shop.

8. MobCraft (Season 7, Episode 21)

Beer flavor options have exploded recently, and one company presented an idea for crowdsourced flavors in Season 7. MobCraft brews beers based on the most popular user suggestions on their website. Beer lovers can vote for their favorite flavor ideas or submit their own. This company came to "Shark Tank" courtesy of its co-founder, Henry Schwartz, who came prepared with samples and sales figures. According to Shark Tank Blog, Mark Cuban was concerned that social media users could potentially vote for joke flavors that wouldn't perform well. Still, Schwartz squelched this concern by explaining the pre-order system used for voting. Ultimately, Schwartz was unsuccessful in securing a deal with any of the Sharks.

Although Schwartz may have left the series empty-handed, MobCraft has prospered since the episode aired. The company website lists two open taprooms, with two more on the way in 2023. The company's beers are also available at retail locations throughout the midwestern U.S. Unfortunately, the website's FAQ page notes that the brand is currently experiencing issues with shipping due to local ordinances, so beer-lovers in other parts of the country will have to wait to enjoy its unique offerings. However, Brewbound reported that the company had expanded distribution into Minnesota as of 2022, so it's clear that the brand is still growing.

9. Air Cork (Season 3, Episode 4)

Countless devices promise to reseal an open bottle of wine perfectly, but Season 3 of "Shark Tank" featured a company that offers a truly unique wine preservation product. An entrepreneur named Eric Corti presented the Air Cork, originally called Wine Balloon, which is inserted into an open wine bottle and inflated. Since the balloon takes up all the space in the bottle, it creates an airtight seal that keeps the wine fresh. Corti and the Sharks went back and forth, with Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban wanting to buy the creator out. Although Corti agreed to a deal with Cuban, he eventually backed out and retained control of the company (via Shark Tank Blog).

Corti made the right choice remaining at the helm of his company. Shark Tank Success explains that wineries placed bulk orders for Air Cork products, especially after it appeared in a second reality series, "The Kitchen Inventors." The company offers Air Cork systems with a variety of pumps, as well as a three-pack of spare balloons. According to the FAQ section of the website, a single balloon inflation will extend the life of an open bottle of wine by three days, and the balloon can be reinflated as needed for longer preservation.

10. Fizzics (Season 8, Episode 1)

Many beer drinkers love draft beer but don't always want to go to a bar or restaurant to enjoy it. On Season 8 of "Shark Tank," Philip Petracca and David McDonald presented their company, Fizzics, for the Sharks' approval. According to the company, its DraftPour uses sound waves to produce nitro-style draft beer. Consumers can use any style of canned or bottled beer with the system, which is said to improve the texture and flavor. On the show, the entrepreneurs served the investors beer from their innovative draft system and scored a two-way investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

Although the company's appearance in the series was a success, the road to prosperity hasn't been smooth for Fizzics. In 2019, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to liquidity issues (via APP). However, the company reported that it successfully restructured just a year later, getting itself back on track. In addition to the DraftPour, the company also sells accessories such as a branded growler, beer glasses, and a DraftPour carrying case. Fans can also purchase branded apparel, including hats, t-shirts, and hoodies.

11. Wine & Design (Season 8, Episode 24)

Art classes and wine tastings are fun, unique activities, and the Season 8 finale of "Shark Tank" featured a company that combines these events. Harriet and Patrick Mills presented their company, Wine & Design, a franchise business that offers two-hour painting classes paired with a glass of wine. Harriet had attended one such event at a different company's studio and decided to create a brand of her own. Although they aren't the innovators of this business concept, their presentation impressed several Sharks. As a result, the pair accepted a deal from Kevin O'Leary, including a partial investment and loan totaling $500,000.

According to Shark Tank Recap, the company has enjoyed continued success since its appearance in the series and is among Kevin's most profitable investment choices. CEO Harriet Mills told Franchise Times that the company opens approximately 10-15 new locations per year and that the concept makes studios a popular choice for events such as bachelorette parties. Wine & Design offers franchise opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, but consumers can also enjoy its classes by streaming virtual parties on the company website. Furthermore, the brand offers mobile courses and team building exercises for corporate functions. The company also offers a program called Art Buzz, which features kid-friendly art classes at local studios.

12. Copa di Vino (Season 2 and 3)

Even companies that don't land a deal frequently benefit from the exposure they receive on "Shark Tank," which can be enough to capture consumers' attention across the country. One prime example is Copa di Vino, a single-serve winemaker that got turned down not once but twice. Entrepreneur James Martin butt heads with the Sharks in Seasons 2 and 3 and couldn't secure a deal in either episode. Unfortunately, ABC reports that the winery owner's attitude rubbed the Sharks the wrong way in both episodes, even after his company achieved significant success between appearances. Although several were initially interested in investing, Martin refused to heed their advice in favor of following his own path.

However, Copa di Vino has done excellently, even without support from the Sharks. According to Newsfile Corp., the Splash Beverage Group acquired the company in 2021 with plans to expand the distribution of the brand's signature portable glass of wine. In 2022, Splash Beverage Group reported that the brand had expanded into Love's Travel Centers across Texas. Copa di Vino offers popular white and red wine varieties in a 12-pack on the company website and in stores nationwide. For a company that began as a small family-owned winery, it has made an impressive mark on the alcoholic beverage industry.