The Korean Tajin Alternative Sunny Anderson Can't Get Enough Of

Tajin has been around since 1985, and people have not stopped being obsessed with it (via The New York Times). From mango to even candy, this tangy, spicy topping has become many people's favorite condiment to add some extra zest to everyday foods.

We all know Food Network's Sunny Anderson loves a good recipe with a punch, thus making tajin a popular ingredient in many of her dishes, including steak tacos and chili.

But in an Instagram post back in 2016, she disclosed that she used another ingredient to add an extra kick to her otherwise normal fruit salad. Perhaps it was Anderson's picture that predicted the recent virality of this condiment, as well as the popular Korean sauce it is used to make. If it wasn't for these special chili flakes, people would not be flocking to grocery stores to get their hands on a jar of gochujang, which TikTok creator Remy Morimoto Park, or @veggiekins, stated was, "... having a moment right now. "

Use gochugaru to add some fun spice

In an Instagram post, the celebrity chef posted a picture of her fruit salad, and wrote a pointed comment about the red flake sprinkled on top, "... That's not tajin, mmmkay? It's gochugaru, get familiar if you dare... ."

For those who aren't sure what gochugaru is, it is one of the most staple ingredients in Korean cooking, according to My Korean Kitchen. It is essentially Korean chili flakes, and is added to dishes such as soups and bulgogi. Furthermore, it is one of the main ingredients of gochujang, a spicy Korean paste that has recently gained massive popularity in the West.

As mentioned, gochugaru is utilized in many traditional Korean recipes, such as spicy tofu and tteokbokki (via Cookpad). But similar to Sunny, those curious about trying gochugaru can start adding it to foods they are familiar with, including fruit or even sweet potatoes, as One Girl. One Kitchen. did. The possibilities are truly endless.