Giada De Laurentiis Is Leaving The Food Network For Amazon Studios

It's the end of an Italian food-flavored era on the Food Network. Giada De Laurentiis, the host of hits like "Everyday Italian" and "Giada at Home" is reportedly leaving the network in favor of Amazon Studios (via Deadline). Laurentiis has been a Food Network regular for 21 years, so her departure is no small loss for the brand. 

The celebrity chef took to Instagram to share the big news with her fans in a post that read, "Big week! Super excited for what's to come!" While fans may be sad to see De Laurentiis leave the network and her myriad of shows behind, it's clear the Italian food connoisseur is looking forward to the change. 

Fans who are concerned about missing out on their favorite De Laurentiis shows will still be able to watch reruns on Discovery Plus and the Food Network (via People). But making the switch to Amazon could allow fans to easily enjoy cooking a pasta-inspired meal with De Laurentiis on demand, given the streaming platform's accessibility. 

Giada helped make Italian food more accessible to viewers

Since first appearing on the Food Network in 2002, De Laurentiis' many successful cooking shows have played a large role in introducing audiences to Italian cooking classics. "Italian culture and Italian food were such a part of my every day that I didn't realize other people wouldn't understand certain things," said De Laurentiis about the beginnings of her Food Network career (per People). Italian cuisine is thought of by many as being notoriously complicated to cook, but De Laurentiis' shows helped give viewers the instruction and confidence needed to create traditional dishes as home. 

Despite the star's departure, De Laurentiis seems to be leaving on friendly terms, according to a statement by the Food Network stating that the network will "always have a seat open for her at our table" (via Us Weekly). While the TV cooking show landscape will forever be changed without De Laurentiis, it will be exciting to see what new projects the star cooks at her new home with Amazon.