Guy Fieri's Latest Season Of Tournament Of Champions Promises Sparks Will Fly

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri has a lot on his plate, such as gearing up for "Tournament of Champions" and preparing for a Super Bowl Sunday event. The latter is likely at the top of his mind, as his Flavortown tailgate party is set to be the largest of its kind — and it's completely free for 10,000 fans. According to Forbes, the event will be chock full of more than 20 pop-up restaurants, musical performances from artists such as Diplo, bars, and games. "Keep in mind that an event of this scale has never taken place on Super Bowl Sunday, much less right next to the stadium," Fieri said.

The fun for Fieri doesn't end after Sunday, because exactly a week later, the new season of "Tournament of Champions" will be airing on Food Network (via Twitter). The excitement has already begun online, as the promo video has racked up almost 76,000 views since it was posted this morning.

The show will feature a world famous chef

On Friday, February 10, Food Network took to Twitter to share a promotional video for the upcoming season of "Tournament of Champions." The video follows numerous chefs as they work under pressure to prove their worthiness to Chef Guy Fieri. "What happens when the greatest rivalries in food battle head to head? Sparks are gonna fly," said Fieri as sparks rained down around him and seemed to light up the world. The clip has flames, fiery exclamations, chest-beating, and even a person kissing a knife. It seems the heat is on, and competitors need to be sharp if they don't want to kiss their hopes of victory goodbye. The post revealed that "32 chefs and 14 first-timers" will be competing this season for the title of champion and $100,000.

According to Food Network, numerous guest judges will appear on the show, such as Andrew Zimmern, Nancy Silverton, and Daniela Soto-Innes among many others. "We've got single-elimination, sudden-death, head-to-head blind battles, and judging," Fieri revealed. Furthermore, the show will feature who Food Network describes as "a surprise judge who is one of the most respected and revered chefs in the world." There's no word currently on who the judge could be.