Make Chinese Takeout Last Longer With Cheap Frozen Veggies

Ordering takeout is a pick-me-up that people have increasingly turned to. The prospect of not doing dishes, not standing over the stove, and not having to cater to picky eaters to your own detriment is tempting, to say the least. In fact, per a 2022 press release from the company Deliverect, a Censuswide survey indicated that the percentage of people placing takeout orders had increased from just under 50% to over 57% in spite of sky-rocketing food bills. Inflation has also made it more expensive to buy groceries and restaurant food. People have certainly noticed the latter, like the Redditor who suggested "takeout food prices [were] out of control" after visiting a Chinese restaurant.

So you may hesitate to order your favorite food from the local Chinese restaurant when you see your favorite $2 dollar option at the joint has turned into a $3 dollar surprise. Luckily, there is a way to affordably stretch your takeout leftovers without losing out on flavor and convenience and even add new nutrients at the same time. Learn how to make cheap grocery purchases that lead to major savings and flavorful takeout leftovers.

Head to the freezer aisle

If you tend to skip the frozen aisle, you're missing out on a whole variety of affordable produce options. Preserved produce often gets a bad reputation for being less nutritious or flavorful, but this just isn't the case when it comes to frozen veggies. Frozen vegetables maintain most of their nutrients (via EatingWell) and aren't kept in flavor-obscuring preservatives, unlike some canned or jarred produce.

To extend the life of your Chinese takeout, pick up a few packs of frozen veggies that you can easily thaw and toss in with your leftovers, says Reddit user wooden_skirt. Broccoli, carrots, corn, and peas, were all recommended and are all available in the frozen aisle. Just add your leftovers to a skillet, toss in some frozen veggies, and mix them all together until everything is heated thoroughly. This trick can work for all sorts of takeout, not just Chinese. Takeout Thai, Korean, and Indian food could all be all good candidates for this cost-saving hack.