Instagram Is Rushing To The Store For Aldi's New Blue Bell Ice Cream

Ice cream connoisseurs are likely familiar with Blue Bell Ice Cream, even though the company's distribution is limited mostly to the southern U.S. According to Blue Bell's website, the company got its start back in 1907, but didn't expand beyond Texas until the 1980s. Today, Blue Bell is sold in only 23 of the 50 states, unless you order online.

As you might expect, Blue Bell's most popular ice cream flavors include classics like cookies n' cream, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and rocky road. However, Blue Bell also sells more unique flavors, like banana pudding and cotton candy. Another one of Blue Bell's innovative ice cream flavors, "chocolate sheet cake," had Aldi fans freaking out back in 2021.

That being said, Aldi fans are now losing their minds yet again at the discovery of another new Blue Bell ice cream. Honestly, given everyone's gushing comments on Instagram, we might just have to run over to Aldi ourselves.

The new Blue Bell ice cream flavor is definitely breakfast-appropriate

If you've been looking for an excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast, you're in luck with Blue Bell's newest flavor. Per Aldi Made Me Do It's latest post on Instagram, Aldi is now stocking Blue Bell ice cream in the "I Heart Cereal" variety, which features "cereal milk-tasting ice cream" and "crunchy cereal pieces." In other words, fans of Fruity Pebbles and milk will likely enjoy this ice cream flavor.

Unfortunately, much like other Blue Bell ice creams, "I Heart Cereal" is only available at the Aldi locations within its southern distribution range. At this time, "I Heart Cereal" is not available for order via the Blue Bell website either, so anyone who really wants to try this flavor will have to take a trip to a Blue Bell distributor. Just bring a cooler so you can stock up on Blue Bell ice creams and get the most out of your drive.