Here's What Happened To Pizza Hut's Largest Pizza In The Super Bowl 2023 Ad

Some Super Bowl commercials may highlight upcoming products and new releases, but Pizza Hut's spot this year showcases a pizza that first came out in the '90s and was revived a few weeks ago, per QSR Magazine. If you're a Pizza Hut aficionado, chances are you're already aware of the Big New Yorker, a pizza that is about one-third size bigger than its standard counterparts. In fact, you may even know that Pizza Hut set a new record in January for making the world's largest pizza, producing a super-sized version of its old menu item with the help of a YouTuber called Airrack (via PR Newsire). Airrack, who tweeted that the record-breaking pizza was his idea, also had something to celebrate as he'd just convinced the 10 millionth person to follow his directive to like and subscribe. 

If you're one of Airrack's numerous followers — 12 million and counting, at this point — you've already had the chance to see the pizza being made on YouTube. If you missed it, though, this same event is featured in a Pizza Hut Super Bowl LVII spot. As you watch, you may wonder what happened to the leftover pizza. Did they just throw it out, or what? Well, you can set your mind at ease. Pizza Hut, as it happens, was not guilty of food waste on a massive scale since all of the leftover pizza was put to good use. 

The first slices went to paying customers, while the leftover were donated to charity

The world's largest pizza, for so it has been confirmed by the good folks at Guinness World Records, had a surface measuring approximately 13,958 square feet. The dough alone weighed 13,653 pounds, the cheese weighed 8,800 pounds, and the marinara sauce was 4,948 pounds. As for the pepperoni, some poor soul was apparently tasked with counting all 630,496 pieces. The pizza assembly took place not in a kitchen but at the Los Angeles Convention Center. As this venue apparently did not have an oven the size of a football field, it was necessary to bake the pizza in pieces. However, it was first assembled as a single unit so that the Guinness people could measure it for posterity.

So how many slices do you get out of a pizza that size? Pizza Hut's press release did not include this information, and Guinness didn't mention it either. The former source, however, did enlighten us on the disposition of that prodigious pizza. While some of the slices went to attendees of the ticketed event dubbed the World's Largest Pizza Party, the leftovers were given to several Los Angeles-area charities. Unfortunately for the recipients, both paying customers and those who got their slices for free, one Ticketmaster review describes the record-breaking pizza as "cold and gross."