Snoop Dogg Won Best Super Bowl 2023 Commercial Before The Game Even Started

President Snoop Dogg? Now that sounds like a winning ticket. Before the first touchdown was even scored, Snoop Dogg was already a winner in Skechers' Super Bowl commercial. Skechers uploaded the full clip on its YouTube page ahead of the game, to rave reviews. Fresh off his private jet to perform on stage, we see him as a paperboy, dog groomer, football coach, and even the president, sitting in the Oval Office. And Snoop Dogg does it all while wearing a fresh pair of Skechers.

Of course, no great Super Bowl commercial is complete without a cameo, and Skechers does not disappoint. Former quarterback Tony Romo and culinary icon Martha Stewart make appearances in the ad, too. (Only Snoop's BFF Martha Stewart could tell Snoop to get his "feet off the desk" and then see him oblige.) 

If the YouTube comments are any indication, fans loved the new ad, too.

The people love Snoop D-O-Double-G

Super Bowl Ads are notoriously pricey. According to Front Office Sports, a 30-sec clip for the Super Bowl LVII cost an estimated $7 million. Brands want to ensure a decent return on investment. And based on the comments about the new Snoop Dogg ad, Skechers' bet appears to have paid off — people want to buy the brand's shoes.

After watching the clip, one user replied, "This is one of the most funniest videos I have ever seen. I'm going to buy me a pair ... they look comfortable." No doubt, the love had much to do with Snoop. "Good idea. Gotta make Snoop Dogg represent your brand. Nice commercial," wrote another fan. Another echoed the sentiment, saying, "Snoop makes anything look fresh, not gonna lie."

Perhaps the marketing team at Skechers deserves a raise; the company brought it to the end zone with this one.