Pepsi's Savage Takedown Of The Eagles During Super Bowl 2023

The Philadelphia Eagles activated starting punter Arryn Siposs from injured reserve before the Super Bowl, and as excited as he was to play the game, he might have helped the Kansas City Chiefs win, according to The Sydney Morning Herald

Siposs, one of the first Aussie players to feature in the Super Bowl, received severe backlash online after his low line-drive effort led to Kadarius Toney's return. "That return is all set up from a bad low line-drive punt by Arryn Siposs. The punter back from that injury," says Fox commentator Greg Olsen, per Fox Sports.

Meanwhile, Pepsi was busy poking fun at the Eagles with a savage tweet that did not age well.

Pepsi mocked Philly punter during Super Bowl

"Philly's punter waiting for his chance to play #RealOrActing," Pepsi tweeted. The tweet obviously didn't age too well. Arryn Siposs' low-line punt eventually led Kadarius Toney to have the longest punt return in the history of the Super Bowl.

Pepsi spoke too soon, and some netizens were quick to comment. "Pull it back bro," one user replied. "Oh this did not age well," another user wrote.

Many netizens are blaming Siposs for the Eagle's loss. "The punter came back to haunt us just like @RitchieJon said earlier this season multiple times," one wrote. "Philly's punter is at a bar in Nogales right now, by the way," another user quipped.