A Cheesecake Factory Customer Found A Glove In A Mac And Cheese Order

A couple dining at Cheesecake Factory was in for a surprise when a foreign object was found in their food. Other diners have also experienced this, with one individual discovering a screw in their Mexican Egg Roll, according to a Complaint Board post. Fortunately, they didn't consume the nail. They, however, also didn't receive an explanation from the restaurant. In another incident posted on Lawyers, a patron was injured after swallowing glass in their chicken, leading to a hospital visit.

Earlier this week, a couple found a glove in their food, but this isn't a first for the restaurant. In the summer of 2020, Laurie Graham and her husband located a latex glove in their fettuccine alfredo after ordering from the Santa Monica store, per Fox News. The couple received a $200 gift card as an apology. Though the previous incident ended in free food, the most recent pair wasn't as lucky after the incident.

The restaurant didn't comp the meal

A TikTok user recently shared a video detailing her experience at a Cheesecake Factory. While enjoying a meal with her boyfriend, they located a rubber glove in her boyfriend's mac and cheese bites. "We went to the cheesecake factory and my boyfriend got the mac & cheese bites or fried mac and cheese or [whatever] and took a bite of one of them and immediately started gagging, and slowly pulled an entire plastic rubber glove out of his mouth that was fried into his mac and cheese bite." According to the video, the restaurant didn't offer their meal for free. But what really worried the TikTok user was the thought of a child ending up with such a meal.

If the glove had been swallowed, it could have led to serious complications for the consumer. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery, vinyl gloves can harden in your stomach, creating a bowel obstruction. In fact, four children have been reported by the study to have required surgery to remove the glove's remnants.