The DIY Trader Joe's Citrus-Sprinkled Ricotta Cookies Are Cheesing Up Instagram

Trader Joe's has been all about promoting its cheeses on its Instagram account. From wedges designed for charcuterie boards to ones meant to enjoy with crackers to cheeses perfect for DIY recipes, the grocery store seems to have it all. Back around the holidays, Trader Joe's posted a recipe on Instagram for cranberry pistachio cheese balls made with the brand's cranberry chèvre goat cheese, which it describes as having a hint of "tanginess." In January, the grocery store highlighted Ubriaco al Cabernet as its #SpotlightCheese, a cheese made from cows' milk and aged in Cabernet that it suggests serving as part of a charcuterie board. When it comes to a cheese and cracker plate or perhaps a grilled cheese lunch — we, of course, recommend the latter with a tomato soup — Trader Joe's most recently recommended its Cheddar Cheese with Scotch Bonnet Chili and Red Peppers.

Now, Trader Joe's has moved onto a creamier cheese for its latest highlighted recipe: its traditional whole milk ricotta.

Instagram is loving this new ricotta cheese cookie recipe

Trader Joe's has taken yet again to Instagram to promote another one of its cheeses, this time as an ingredient in a recipe for Citrus-Sprinkled Ricotta Cookies. While Trader Joe's recommends its traditional whole milk ricotta cheese for lasagna, cannolis, or other baked goods, for this recipe, it stands as a main ingredient because of its "creamy, fluffy, and versatile" nature. Trader Joe's posted the actual recipe for these citrus-sprinkled ricotta cookies over on its website, walking bakers step-by-step as they prepare the cookies made with a citrus-based topping of zests of orange, lime, and lemon.

Trader Joe's fans took to the comments to share their opinions on both the ricotta cheese and the cookies themselves. "This is the best ricotta I've had! The lack of vinegar in it makes it soooo much tastier," wrote one commenter, while other fans expressed their love for the cheese with heart-eyed emojis or wrote about how they "need to make these ASAP!"