Michael Symon's Crepes Are Inspired By An Italian Dessert Favorite

Crepes didn't originate from Italy, but they can boast an Italian flair when combined with the right ingredients. These breakfast delicacies can be crafted with cannoli, something that was attempted for a limited time by IHOP as explained by Totally The Bomb. The treat's description was pulled from IHOP's website, though it's no longer visible as the item is unavailable. Basically, the crepe was made with cannoli pieces, raspberry and whipped topping, chocolate, and powdered sugar. According to La Cucina Italiana, cannolis are as Italian as food can get. Originated in Sicily, the fried cylinders aren't simple to make; they must be rolled on a rod and require many ingredients for the dough.

Despite not being invented in Italy, crepes are rather popular in the boot-shaped country. These crepes are typically called crespelle, and they are often used to wrap pasta ingredients or as a layering for lasagna (per Mangia Bene Pasta). Combining traditional crepes and an Italian specialty, Chef Michael Symon has his own recipe that he shared in honor of Valentine's Day.

Instagram commenters were excited to recreate it

On his Instagram page @chefsymon, Michael Symon shared the recipe along with photos of his Italian-inspired tiramisu crepes. He dubbed the dessert "not too sweet but absolutely delicious," and recommended making them to celebrate Valentine's Day. Revealed in a separate slide, these crepes were filled with espresso, vanilla, dark rum, powdered sugar, and a myriad of other tasty ingredients. "This will be tomorrow's breakfast of champions," said one Instagram user eager to whip them up. "I mean, not sure why you are being so good to us, but thank you," wrote another fan.

Pushing the envelope even further, Reddit users have shown interest in tiramisu crepe cakes. When one user shared a photo of their cake a year ago to the r/baking subreddit, a few commenters were quite jealous. "I need this," one user wrote. Another individual's taste buds came alive after seeing the creation. "I am suddenly very hungry," they wrote. If you steer toward traditional and want to focus on the tried and true, you can always check out this tiramisu recipe.