TikTok Has Spoken, And Its Least Favorite Pasta Shape Is Penne

The very first noodles were most likely prepared in Asia thousands of years ago before they ever made their way to Italy, archaeologists believe. Since then the world has developed various types of pasta. Fettuccine, gemelli, ramen, vermicelli, linguine, rigatoni, angel hair, and so on.

Perhaps you have a favorite type, or least favorite type. One TikTok user definitely has one and had some pretty strong words to say about one pasta shape in particular — penne. By the way, if you're unsure how that word is pronounced, here's the phonetic spelling: PEH-neh. It's almost like "penny."

The TikToker starts the 17-second video by saying, "I don't know how many Italians I'm going to piss off on this app, but ... penne is the worst shape of pasta." The creator then goes on to explain exactly why they hate penne. Of the over 400 comments, some followers agreed while others didn't.

TikToker compares the pasta to floppy airplane parts

If you're not familiar with penne, it's a tube-shaped noodle with angled edges and ridges along the long side of the noodle. It's similar to mostaccioli noodles, except that mostaccioli doesn't have ridges. In the TikTok video, the user claims penne is the worst shape of pasta because "it's like eating floppy airplane parts." They add that they love rigatoni, which is very similar to penne but is cut straight instead of at an angle. Some rigatoni noodles are also thicker than penne.

One of the top replies to the post is simply, "Penne for your thoughts." Many followers seconded the original poster's opinion. "I support your argument," one person commented. Several others who claimed to be Italian also agreed, but not everyone shared the same sentiment.

Another person commented that floppy penne is an indication that it's overcooked. A few others also questioned the floppy nature of the penne noodles. The penne fans commented that "penne is a classic" and a "favorite" and that bow tie (farfalle) noodles are worse. Since they seemed to emphasize the floppiness of the noodles, it's quite possible that the TikToker just hasn't had a good penne pasta recipe before. Either way, the user was quite passionate about it being their least favorite pasta shape.