The Cozy Restaurant Owned By The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus

Known for looking exceptionally tough while downing zombies with his iconic crossbow on AMC's "The Walking Dead," Norman Reedus has amassed millions of followers from his success on the show. In November of 2022, the beloved post-apocalyptic drama series ended with its final season, but that hasn't stopped Reedus from acting in other roles as his career progresses. 

During Reedus' time on "The Walking Dead," he and Greg Nicotero, a director and executive producer on the show, became great friends — so much so that the besties teamed up to start their own restaurant in the formerly sleepy town of Senoia, Georgia, in 2016. Nic & Norman's now has two other locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Lexington, Kentucky, where you can stop by and fill up on a small-yet-thorough menu of Southern home cooking.

On the restaurant's website, you can find the duo's heartfelt mission statement about their dream to make Nic & Norman's a reality. "As artists, we are passionate about creating special moments. Beyond the screen, we recognize that this often happens while enjoying a great meal in the company of family and friends." As you might expect, fans flocked to the Senoia location on opening day and even got the chance to grab a photo with Reedus himself. Nic & Norman's soon became a labor of love, which can be confirmed by its glowing reviews across the web. You may have already assumed the eatery is zombie or horror-themed, but the décor actually contributes to a much more wholesome experience when you step inside.

Nic & Norman's is much more than a zombie restaurant

All three Nic & Norman's locations are designed to have a cozy, inviting feel. When the Senoia original was first gearing up for opening day, the restaurant disclosed in a tweet that it would be displaying Reedus and Nicotero's art for visitors to enjoy. Fast-forward to the launch of the Lexington branch in 2022, when the VP of operations, David Valentine, gave a sneak peek into the heart of the restaurant. "We're not a zombie restaurant ... Hopefully our service isn't that slow," he remarked before going into more detail about exactly what type of ambience Nic & Norman's is going for. Valentine listed art that doesn't focus on "The Walking Dead," but instead features personal snapshots into the lives of the famous co-owners: Nicotero strumming a guitar, Reedus riding his motorcycle, and a smiley selfie of Dave Chapelle and Reedus are among some of the pieces lining the walls.

The Nic & Norman's menu reflects the interior's genuine, welcoming vibe. Southern-inspired fare includes fried chicken pot pie and a Coca Cola braised pork shank topped with Cajun creamed corn. There are even gourmet burgers with ingredients personally chosen by Reedus and Nicotero. The drink menu features a few Bloody Mary variations, one of which has floating "eyeballs" in it, as a nod to their mutual fondness for the undead.