Gen Z's Borg Jugs Of Vodka And Mio Are A Safety Thing, Believe It Or Not

When it comes to college drinking trends, most of us are probably used to hearing about the latest dangerous craze sweeping college campuses on the 6 o'clock news. Gen Z's latest drinking trend however, distances itself from the stereotype. 

Popularized on TikTok at the start of the pandemic, borgs came into vogue as a way for college students to enjoy alcoholic beverages with their friends without the risk of passing around germs. Borgs have since resurfaced on social media and have become the newest viral trend on TikTok. 

The name "borg" is an acronym for "blackout rage gallon" and the concoction is made by pouring vodka into a half-full, gallon-sized water container, followed by Liquid I.V. electrolytes, and a splash of MiO for taste, per NBC News. The borg's finishing touch is a cute, pun-inspired name, such as 'Borgan Freeman', as was suggested by one user on Reddit

Borgs may actually help party-goers drink less

While filling a gallon-sized bottle with vodka might not seem like the most responsible way to partake in alcohol, one harm reduction advocate actually disagrees.

Erin Monroe, a harm reduction specialist from New York, has taken to TikTok to share her thoughts on the new trend. "As a preventionist, I like the borg as a harm reduction strategy for a few reasons. First, you get to decide what goes in," Monroe said in her now-viral TikTok


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As mentioned by Monroe, borg drinkers have total control over the amount of alcohol they consume, since borgs act as personal, non-communal drinks. This greatly reduces the social pressure that some college students feel to drink far beyond their limits. Borgs also allow those who choose not to drink to still participate in social activities without having to reveal their decision to abstain from drinking to their peers. 

While binge drinking is never encouraged, it's refreshing to see party-goers make steps to take their safety into their own hands.