Every MiO Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

Even though you know you should be drinking water every day, sometimes, it's easier said than done. Everyone knows water is healthy for your body, but honestly, it can get really boring — that's where MiO comes into play. MiO is a water enhancer that comes in a squeezable bottle. When another glass of water sounds too boring to even contemplate, pick a MiO flavor and use it to enhance your water. Suddenly, that same glass of water is something you can look forward to drinking.

MiO has been around for more than a decade, and now, there are nearly two dozen flavors to pick from. Unlike powder water enhancers like Crystal Light, MiO is already in liquid form, which makes it easier to mix with water. Just squeeze the bottle, swirl it around in the water, and get to guzzling. If you're new to MiO, use this ranking to figure out which flavors should be avoided and which one deserves to be crowned as the best of the best.

23. MiO Sweet Tea

MiO Sweet Tea is so off-putting that you may feel angry when you take your first sip. If you're from the South and you drink sweet tea at every meal, you will be downright offended. Instead of tasting like the sweet tea Southerners know and love, this stuff tastes like you're licking an old tea bag that was accidentally left out on a kitchen counter for a few days. You can taste a smidgen of sweetness, but not nearly enough for a water enhancer that claims to be the flavor of sweet tea.

MiO has four product lines, and MiO Sweet Tea belongs to the MiO Original line. These flavors are where it all started, and each of these water enhancers contains zero carbohydrates, zero sugars, and zero calories. If you're a long-time MiO fanatic, you've likely tried all these flavors by now — and you probably learned the hard way that MiO Sweet Tea is so bad that you wouldn't even wish it on your cruelest enemy.

22. MiO Sport Orange

It sounds like this should be an easy win, but MiO Sport Orange is somehow a tragic failure. You know that gross flavor you taste if you take a gulp of orange juice too soon after you brush your teeth? Well, MiO somehow bottled that flavor. When you're squirting it into your water, you will be able to tell that there's something amiss. If you're brave enough to take a sip, you'll wonder how anyone thought this flavor was fit for the open market.

As the name suggests, MiO Sport Orange is part of the MiO Sport product line. Along with being free of carbs, sugar, and calories, the flavors in this line contain B vitamins and electrolytes. B vitamins can help our brains function properly, per WebMD, while electrolytes can aid in keeping us hydrated. You can think of the MiO Sport line as MiO's answer to sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade, and Bodyarmor.

21. MiO Lemonade

Another forgettable flavor in the Mio Original line is MiO Lemonade. Imagine placing an entire lemon inside of a glass of water without first cutting open the lemon and squeezing out the juice. That's what this flavor tastes like — it's like lemon peel water. There's a little bit of sweetness at play, but not enough to jazz up the party. It's like MiO tried to avoid offending anyone by taking out the natural tartness of lemonade, but created a yawn-inducing abomination instead. Even if they're handing out this flavor for free when you visit the grocery store, you still shouldn't put it in your shopping cart.

Considering that both sweet tea and lemonade are two of MiO's three worst flavors, don't even think about trying to create your own MiO-powered Arnold Palmer. While mixing MiO's water enhancers can result in yumminess, you should pick flavors that are near the top of this ranking when pondering a mixture.

20. MiO Energy Strawberry Pineapple Smash

With a name like MiO Energy Strawberry Pineapple Smash, you know you're in for an intense ride. Unfortunately, the ride isn't a fun one. Instead, your taste buds will be assaulted by a barrage of flavors. While the strawberry flavor isn't too overwhelming, the pineapple flavor is so strong that you'll quickly want to wave a white flag and walk away from your beverage. Add in a flood of unmitigated sweetness and this is all too much, too soon. Even if you adore pineapple juice, there are much more enjoyable ways to get your pineapple fix.

The MiO Energy product line is MiO's version of energy drinks made by brands that include Monster, Rockstar, and Bang, which seem to get more popular with each passing day. That said, you should know that MiO Energy only has 60 milligrams of caffeine per serving, per Caffeine Informer. To put that number into perspective, a 16-ounce Monster has 160 milligrams of caffeine (per Caffeine Informer), while a 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola classic has 34 milligrams of caffeine (per Caffeine Informer). That means MiO Energy is closer to a soda than it is to an energy drink in terms of its caffeine quantity.

19. MiO Vitamins Orchard Apple

The fourth and final MiO product line to be mentioned on this list is MiO Vitamins. The distinguishing attribute of this line is that the flavors are supercharged with vitamins B12, B6, and B3. Vitamin B12 helps with the formation of red blood cells (per Healthline), vitamin B6 can improve circulation (per WebMD), and vitamin B3 can aid in repairing DNA (per Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health). Add all of those potential health benefits together and you can feel good about drinking water that's been enhanced by the MiO Vitamins line.

Regrettably, though, MiO Vitamins Orchard Apple is easily the worst flavor in the line. It tastes like that watered-down apple juice that you used to get at your elementary school's cafeteria. As an adult, you've tasted much better apple juice, so a return to that version will bring back bad memories. That being said, if your palate never grew up with the rest of your body and you're craving that cafeteria-style apple juice, this stuff will do the job.

18. MiO Berry Grape

When you're drinking flavored water, two popular flavor options are berry and grape. For those people who can never make up their minds, this MiO Berry Grape flavor was created just for you. Theoretically, it's the best of both worlds — why force yourself to make a decision when berries and grapes can join forces? Sadly, while that may sound good in theory, the reality of the situation is bleak. MiO Berry Grape is a mess of competing flavors that lacks an identity. It doesn't taste like berries, and it doesn't taste like grapes. Instead, it just tastes chaotic.

Do yourself a favor and don't let your indecisiveness ruin your MiO experience. If you want a berry-flavored water enhancer, pick one of the berry flavors ranked higher on this list. The same holds true if you're yearning for a grape flavor. Combining those two wishes simply does not work and you'll be left with a sense of heartbreak.

17. MiO Cherry Blackberry

MiO Cherry Blackberry sounds like an interesting combination. Unless you're talking about cobblers, crisps, pies, or crumbles, you usually don't hear about cherries and blackberries living together in perfect harmony. In the world of beverages, you almost never see this pairing. While it's awesome that MiO went out on a limb with this combo, the result is really nothing special. Don't buy it thinking that they've been able to replicate your grandmother's cherry blackberry cobbler in liquid form because the truth is much less delectable.

If MiO Cherry Blackberry has to be compared to a liquid, the closest thing would be cherry cough syrup with added sweetener. Unless that sounds like something you want to drink, you should move on to a better MiO flavor. This flavor is a lot better than the very worst flavors on this ranking, but it's still not something you should go out of your way to taste.

16. MiO Mango Peach

When MiO Mango Peach first enters your mouth, you'll believe that you have discovered one of your favorite flavors. The mango flavor is strong and surprisingly authentic. The peach flavor is lighter, but it, too, has a genuineness about it that's difficult to find elsewhere. The mango and the peach seem like a match made in beverage heaven.

Tragically, things take a major turn for the worse when the aftertaste kicks in after a few seconds. That's when the artificial sweetener hits your taste buds and your hopes for this flavor go up in smoke. For some reason, the artificial sweetener used in MiO Mango Peach has a powerful chemical-like taste that ruins all the fun that you're having. As much as you'll enjoy the mango and peach flavors, the aftertaste will soon cause you to move on to another flavor. If MiO can fix the aftertaste, this flavor could move into the top five. As it is, it's not even good enough to deserve a recommendation.

15. MiO Energy Acai Berry Storm

Found in countries in South America and Central America, acai berries are a superfood with a host of potential health benefits due to being packed with nutrients and antioxidants (per Healthline). It's possible that these berries help prevent cancer and improve the levels of cholesterol in your blood. Considering that acai berries aren't as easy to find in the United States as many other types of berries, it was exciting when MiO Energy Acai Berry Storm was released.

Truth be told, aside from the possible health benefits and the extra energy you get from the caffeine in this water enhancer, this isn't a MiO flavor that you'll be overly impressed with after giving it a try. The acai berry flavor is meek, the sweetness level is low, and any true enjoyment is nonexistent. This stuff is supposed to enhance your water, but it barely adds enough flavor to move the needle.

14. MiO Cranberry Raspberry

Certain individuals will adore MiO Cranberry Raspberry. If your favorite candies are sour candies like Sour Patch Kids, this MiO flavor is for you. However, be warned that this flavor is so sour that it will literally make your tongue hurt. If you don't like sour candy or sour foods in general, you should skip MiO Cranberry Raspberry. The tartness is unavoidable and will overshadow the cranberry and raspberry flavors.

If the sourness becomes too much for you, you have two options. The first thing you can do is add some artificial sweetener of your own — that will help take some of the edge off. The other thing you can do is mix in another MiO flavor. Pick one of the super sweet flavors and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the result. If doing all that seems like too much work, though, just pick a MiO flavor higher on this list that doesn't need any customization to be scrumptious.

13. MiO Sport Berry Blast

If you want an average, run-of-the-mill water enhancer that won't step on any toes, go for MiO Sport Berry Blast. MiO wasn't exactly subtle about trying to copy Powerade's legendary Mountain Berry Blast flavor. Both drinks are blue, both have added electrolytes, and both have the word "blast" in the name. MiO's version isn't nearly as spectacular as Powerade's version, but it's still a flavor that everyone is sure to like.

A good thing about MiO Sport Berry Blast is you could drink it all day, every day, and never grow tired of it. If you're looking for an easy way to stay hydrated, try this flavor. You won't be super impressed by what you taste, but you also won't tire of it, which is more than half the battle when hydration is the goal. As long as you're not expecting an exact replica of Powerade's Mountain Berry Blast, you'll be pleased with your purchase.

12. MiO Energy Wicked Blue Citrus

The most polarizing of all of MiO's flavors has to be MiO Energy Wicked Blue Citrus. When you take a sip, the first flavor you'll taste is blue raspberry. It actually tastes a lot like the original blue raspberry ICEE flavor. A couple of moments later, a slight citrus flavor makes an appearance. It tastes like a subtle hint of lemonade or maybe even a couple of droplets of Mountain Dew.

The polarizing part of this beverage's flavor profile is the addition of citrus. Nearly everyone agrees that the blue raspberry tastes yummy. If the lemonade or Mountain Dew sounds like an unneeded addition that will ruin your mood, go ahead and pick something other than MiO Energy Wicked Blue Citrus. On the other hand, if this sounds like a lovely one-two punch to your taste buds that you'll thoroughly enjoy as you get your daily caffeine fix, don't hesitate to buy this flavor.

11. MiO Vitamins Orange Tangerine

While the aforementioned MiO Sport Orange is a bust of a flavor, MiO Vitamins Orange Tangerine is a home run. Who knew that adding tangerine flavoring would make all the difference? While this beverage doesn't taste like genuine orange juice made from freshly squeezed oranges, the addition of the tangerines makes it taste like McDonald's famous orange drink. You loved that stuff when you were a kid and you probably still love it.

Tip: When you're using MiO Vitamins Orange Tangerine as a water enhancer, it's better to squeeze out too much of the liquid than too little of the liquid. This flavor isn't especially strong so it's difficult to overdo it. However, don't even think about drinking this flavor or any other MiO flavor without diluting it first. Drinking MiO straight became a trend on TikTok and other social media for a while, but doing that is dangerous and could have catastrophic results.

10. MiO Energy Tropical Fusion

It's difficult to put your finger on exactly what you're tasting when you take a gulp of MiO Energy Tropical Fusion. The best guess is that it's a mixture of tropical fruits headlined by pineapple juice and guava juice. There's also a little bit of what tastes like orange juice or tangerine juice and possibly a splash of banana juice. Whatever is in MiO's secret tropical recipe is worth trying at least once before you're six feet under.

Since MiO Energy Strawberry Pineapple Smash is so bad, MiO Energy Tropical Fusion is what you should go with if you're a pineapple fiend. After drinking a few bottles of water enhanced by this MiO Energy flavor, you'll think you're relaxing at a faraway beach at your favorite tropical destination. Even if you're stuck at your tedious day job, this drink will help your mind escape the boredom — if only for a few glorious minutes.

9. MiO Energy Black Cherry

The old saying tells us that the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Apparently, that old saying also holds true if you change it to the blacker the cherry, the sweeter the MiO flavor. That's because MiO Energy Black Cherry is shockingly the sweetest flavor of them all. Combine that sweetness with a bold cherry flavor and this is a flavor that is sure to turn heads. A few mouthfuls and the sweetness, the relentless cherry flavor, and the caffeine will combine to wake you all the way up. For that reason, consider picking MiO Energy Black Cherry to be your replacement for your morning coffee.

If your sweet tooth is the main decision-maker in your body, give yourself a thrill by stocking up on this water-enhancing flavor. It's impossible to overstate how sweet this flavor is and how much your sweet tooth will revel in what it brings to the table.

8. MiO Sport Lemon Lime

The previously mentioned MiO Lemonade is a disappointment to the nth degree. Thankfully, MiO has a few other lemon-charged flavors that more than make up for that faux lemonade disaster. One of the better alternatives is the MiO Sport Lemon Lime flavor. While it doesn't taste like lemonade, it has a genuine lemon-lime flavor that tastes like it legitimately mixes together both lemons and limes. To ensure that your taste buds aren't overpowered by sourness, there's a sweet aftertaste that's gentle yet unmissable.

To compare MiO Sport Lemon Lime to a flavor that you already know about, you need to go to the soda universe. While it tastes a little bit like Sprite, the closest comparison is 7UP, but with a slightly sweeter aftertaste. Overall, this is an entertaining flavor that offers you an easy, convenient, and delightful way for you to recharge your body with the electrolytes you lose when you sweat.

7. MiO Berry Pomegranate

If you've been trying to increase your consumption of pomegranates to hopefully protect you from breast cancer, reduce cholesterol levels, limit inflammation, and decrease the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis, you'll be pleased with MiO Berry Pomegranate. For those addicted to all things pomegranate, you'll instantly be head over heels for the pomegranate flavor in this water enhancer. It's the first flavor that your tongue recognizes, and the aftertaste is just another dose of pomegranate-powered goodness.

The only weird attribute to keep in mind is that if you pick MiO Berry Pomegranate, there isn't much berry flavor at play, despite the name. You can taste just a little bit of raspberry if you try really hard, but that's about the extent of it. If you're purchasing this flavor for the promise of berries, you're going to feel a palpable amount of disappointment. Conversely, if you just want another way to fulfill your craving for pomegranate juice, you'll have a grin that'll extend from ear to ear.

6. MiO Sport Arctic Grape

The top MiO Sport flavor of them all results in a beverage that is as pleasurable as the most gratifying sports drinks you can find anywhere. MiO Sport Arctic Grape does exactly what the name hints it will do. First of all, your senses are lovingly hit with a robust grape flavor. It's the same luscious artificial grape flavor that you enjoy in grape soda. Next, an arctic blast of freshness invades your mouth when the aftertaste strikes. The mint-like flavor adds a slight bite to the proceedings, but it'll soon wear off. Once the mintiness goes away, your lips will be ready for the next round of grape goodness.

If you're out in the sun during one of those long, hot summer days, MiO Sport Arctic Grape is the water enhancer you should have by your side. The mint will help keep you cool and make the heat feel more bearable as you replenish your electrolytes.

5. MiO Blueberry Lemonade

If you're searching for the best lemonade MiO flavor, look no further than MiO Blueberry Lemonade. Adding blueberry flavoring to lemonade probably isn't something you'd do on your own accord, but it works extraordinarily well with this water enhancer. The blueberry flavor is what you initially taste, and it has a sweetness that will win you over instantaneously. When the blueberry flavor is about to wear off, that's when the lemonade flavor makes a cameo. It's a clean, crisp flavor that tastes like you're drinking homemade lemonade that is extra tart due to a generous amount of lemon juice.

What makes MiO Blueberry Lemonade such a winner is the diversity of flavors you'll encounter as you travel from one end of the flavor spectrum to the other. From the sensationally sweet blueberry flavor to the deep sourness of the lemonade, it's an experience that makes this MiO flavor truly worthy of a top five spot on this list.

4. MiO Energy Green Thunder

For those willing to take a leap of faith, MiO Energy Green Thunder will reward you for your courageousness. Looking at the name, there's no hint at what you should expect. As soon as you give it a whiff, though, you'll know that this is a green apple flavor. While it smells really good, it tastes even better. The green apple flavor has a sharp kick that will make you sit up straight and respect the vivacity of this caffeinated drink.

If you've ever had a can of Rockstar's Super Sour Green Apple, you know what to expect from MiO Energy Green Thunder. MiO's version isn't nearly as sour, and Rockstar's product has a lot more caffeine. Beyond those two caveats, though, the similarities are striking. MiO has a lot of flavors that put sourness on a pedestal, but this one is what you should pick if you're looking for their best sour-powered flavor.

3. MiO Vitamins Orange Vanilla

Do you remember those Creamsicle bars from your childhood that featured vanilla ice cream coated with orange sherbet? MiO Vitamins Orange Vanilla will scratch that nostalgic itch for a return to those Creamsicle days. In fact, this MiO flavor tastes like what would happen if you let a Creamsicle bar melt in a cup and then mixed it all together. Shortly after you try it, you'll agree that it'd be difficult for water to be enhanced much further than to become a liquified Creamsicle bar.

An important note regarding MiO Vitamins Orange Vanilla is that you need to add it to really cold water. If the water isn't ice cold, the flavor isn't nearly as enjoyable. If you make the mistake of adding it to room temperature water, the result is actually pretty gross. If you don't have access to cold water, pick one of the top two MiO flavors in our ranking and save this one for another time.

2. MiO Fruit Punch

The greatest thing about MiO Fruit Punch is its universal appeal. No matter how old you are, where you're from, what you look like, or how much money you have in your bank account, this is a flavor that will brighten your day. If you're flavoring water with MiO for a large group of people, pick this flavor. You can be supremely confident that no one will complain and all you will hear is compliments.

Which specific fruits are combined to make this fruit punch flavor? MiO doesn't lay out its recipe, but MiO Fruit Punch tastes a lot like Minute Maid Fruit Punch, which contains grape juice, apple juice, pear juice, and pineapple juice. MiO's version doesn't taste like it has pineapple juice in it, but the rest of the flavors could very well be the same. Regardless of the exact mix, you and everyone you know are bound to be impressed.

1. MiO Strawberry Watermelon

MiO Strawberry Watermelon is a flavor with absolutely no weaknesses. It's such a pleasure to drink that you'll be in a constant state of euphoria as it enters your body. Before you reach the end of your first bottle of MiO Strawberry Watermelon, you'll be heading to the grocery store to buy another one. You'll want to always have this deliciousness on hand.

A sweet watermelon flavor is what will bless your tongue first. When you taste it, you'll know exactly why Harry Styles sang the praises of watermelon sugar. Then, your enjoyment is elevated to a new level when the slightly tart strawberry flavor arrives. It tastes just like ripe strawberries that are mostly sweet, but have just a little bit of tartness to even things out. Add together the majesty of the watermelon flavor and the strawberry flavor and you have the best MiO flavor of them all.