The $2 Walmart Eggs That Have Customers Dazed And Confused

Eggs used to be a budget food — one you could whip up alongside toast and bacon to feed the family when times were tough. Now, eggs might as well be a thing of luxury after the price increased by 60% in the last year. In an interview with Los Angeles Times' Sonja Sharp, CBS News learned what factors are causing the prices to go haywire. "Each of us eats about as many eggs as one hen can lay a year," Sharp explained, pointing to the rising popularity of eggs. Additionally, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has reported that as of January 6, avian flu affected more than 58 million birds. When you accompany the rise in demand with disease and inflation, it creates an issue that allows prices to soar.

Thankfully, the internet is a funny place, which sometimes helps with tension when things aren't going as planned. One Twitter user, @CryptoChartsJoe, shared a spin-off meme of the Jared commercial. In the photo, a couple is looking down at a carton of eggs, while the caption reads "Omg! He went to Kroger!" Another meme shared by @ThinkSarcasm depicted a man and woman enjoying a romantic dinner. The woman says, "Take me somewhere expensive." Hilariously, the two are sitting in the egg aisle of a grocery store for their pricey date. In a turn of events, Walmart has dropped the price significantly on eggs, and the internet is already on it with jokes.

Facebook users were full of jokes

Two days ago, news outlet LEX 18 shared a photo on Facebook of the egg selection at a Harrodsburg Walmart. The sign indicated that the price had dropped from $6.03 all the way down to $2 a carton. "Oh my goodness!!! We don't have to put them in the lay away no more," wrote one witty Facebook user. Other funny comments included "Does it include the eggs? Or is it just the cardboard?" and "I just got a carton! I may have spent $502 for airfare but it's the principle."

Some people seemed skeptical or confused, like one commenter who wondered, "How come the price of eggs went up but not the price of chicken? ... I think something is a fowl. And I don't mean the chicken." One apparently off-put shopper argued Walmart could have kept the price low the whole time. Others suggested the store was selling old eggs.

Another comment referenced a moment with Taylor Swift at the Grammys. "The Swifties really did it didn't they[?] They can truly accomplish anything," they wrote. Earlier this month, Grammy host Trevor Noah joked with Taylor Swift about her fans' abilities to crash Ticketmaster. He asked the singer, "Once they're done with this, can you get them to handle the price of eggs?" to which she replied, "They'll get on it." It's highly unlikely Swift's massive fan base made a difference in the egg prices, but it's a fun coincidence for super fans of the artist.