Is TikTok's Measuring Spoon Hack Really That Practical?

Even when the winter holidays are over if the weather is still cold and people are cooped up inside, this means that baking season is in full swing. And while baking can be a therapeutic activity and love language to some, the cleanup most certainly isn't for most people. Especially in holiday baking, where a variety of different flavors and colors are often used, there is a need to have a dozen measuring cups and spoons on hand.

This is where TikTok's measuring spoon hack comes into practice. @Blossom recently shared a video that showed a person planting three tablespoon prints into a bowl of flour and then filling those molds with their respective ingredients. This then eliminates the need to use three separate spoons to measure out each mix-in and therefore cuts the cleaning process.

And while some people found this trick to be extremely innovative, others questioned the actual practicality of this trick.

Why the measuring spoon hack may not be the way to go

In the comments of @Blossom's video, this shortcut received a good amount of criticism from some viewers. @wilsontanaka8 pointed out, "In a way yes, but, the volume inside is different than outside. I know we're amateurs, but, just saying it's not the same..." So while many recipes don't require exact measurements, in the case they do, this trick can prove to be a little shaky. Another user, @yeoryiamar, also wasn't the biggest fan of the trick and shared another low-mess alternative. They wrote, "Skip this lazy hack! Transitioning from measuring ingredients by volume (in cups) to measuring ingredients by weight (in grams) will make you a better baker and increase your success rate!"

However, others stated that this technique was rather insightful, with one user, @johnniquest, stating, "TikTok taught me yet again lol."

But while this hack might be useful when applied to baked goods, it is essential that you have some sort of flour on hand to put the spoon indents in. This means that this trick might not be the most effective when making even simple recipes such as oatmeal, which doesn't require any sort of powdered flour and therefore needs exact cup measurements.