The Worst Day Of The Week To Shop At Grocery Stores

Those of us who still go grocery shopping in-person know that some days are better for this particular excursion than others. Dedicated shoppers also likely know that these days may differ from store to store.

For instance, you'll want to shop at Aldi on Sundays if you're looking for discounts (via BestLife), but on Wednesdays if you want to shop right after everything is restocked. On the other hand, to avoid crowds at Costco, you might want to shop on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. Conversely, Walmart frequently offers better deals on groceries in the mornings. You get the point.

And just as each store has an optimal time and day for shopping, each store also has a worst-possible time and day for shopping. That being said, this one is a bit easier to generalize across the board, as it has less to do with the stores themselves and more to do with customer habits.

Save yourself the stress and don't go grocery shopping on Sunday

If you've ever been grocery shopping on Sunday, you'll understand why this day is the absolute worst for hitting the stores. Everyone and their grandma is out and about, wandering around aimlessly, not a care in the world. Or at least that's how it seems.

Realistically, Sundays are just an optimal time for a lot of people to do their shopping. Many have just gotten out of church, others simply have the weekend off of work, and still, others want to get snacks for whatever sport is playing later that evening. Particularly around noon can be a hectic time to shop (via WiseBread). The point is that everyone is at the grocery store on Sunday, meaning everything will be picked over and what's left will be lower quality, plus you'll have to stand in line much longer (via Taste of Home).

The solution? Shop smart. If your schedule allows it, shop during the week, especially in the early morning or late evening. You can also try buying your groceries online, as some services actually provide better value for your money.