Mugaritz' Game Meat Macarons Come With Their Own Dramatic Trailer

For many, the mere mention of macarons brings to mind a lovely vision of pastry shop shelves filled with sandwich-like confections creating a rainbow of pastel shades. The BBC has it on good authority that this version of a macaron is known as a "Paris" macaron and came about in 1930 when someone had the novel idea of joining two almond-flavored cookies together with ganache. Today these sweet macarons come in all sorts of flavors, from strawberry cheesecake to fruity pebbles.

But the evolution of macarons didn't end with dessert. Since debuting as a sweet treat, macarons have now expanded to include savory ingredients like salmon and the potentially unsettling food, foie gras. Taking things up a notch, celebrity chef Thomas Keller once created a high-class macaron that featured caviar (via People). It turns out that there is so much that can be done with this mini-sandwich in the savory realm, and one chef took the opportunity to elevate macarons to cinematic levels.

Mugaritz brought its game macarons to the screen

Andoni Luis Aduriz is the acclaimed chef behind Mugaritz, a restaurant in Spain that has earned two Michelin stars. The restaurant is closed for four months out of the year, giving Aduriz and his team time to come up with new culinary creations like his novel edible stones. There is no shortage of creativity when it comes to Mugaritz' menu and one dish, the macaron de caza or game macaron, was such an inspiration that it not only had a short film dedicated to it, it also was given a trailer.

The full video for the macaron features dramatic scenes of a woman hunting juxtaposed with footage of the brown-shelled macarons being made. As Fine Dining Lovers explains, Mugaritz' macaron gets its color from pig's blood, and the filling is made from partridge and liver. The video is meant to invoke the question of whether that footage is capturing the "ancestral female hunter/chef" having a dream about Mugaritz or the restaurant's chef dreaming about the huntress (via Reporter Gourmet). Either way, dreaming about macarons is something we relate to.