The Tragic 2011 Death Of What's For Dinner's Ken Kostick

The idea of hosting a cooking show had never crossed self-taught chefs Ken Kostick's mind. If anything, it was more of a hobby as he pursued other career paths. Born in Winnipeg in 1953, Kostick hadn't exactly nailed down what he wanted to do; he dipped his toes into the travel and fashion world to learn what worked best for him (per CBC).

When he first moved to Toronto, he was looking to become a flight attendant, but a friend of his steered him in a different direction after enjoying a meal at his home (via Toronto and The Mirror). Ira Levy, the aforementioned friend, discussed with him the possibility of starring in a dinner show. The show, "What's for Dinner?" eventually sprung to success, even receiving a nomination for the Gemini Award. His partner for the 600-episode show was his best friend Mary Jo Eustace. The pair went on to star in additional shows together in Kostick's lifetime.

Kostick's career was cut short at the young age of 57 following unexpected complications related to a health condition. Unfortunately, you may not have known that the star had passed away.

Ken Kostick's perogie recipe was posted as a tribute

Beloved Food Network star Ken Kostick passed away suddenly on April 21, 2011. The news was revealed in a statement on Kostick's since-deleted website by his wife Desi Cabrera (per CBC). Though Kostick was suffering from acute pancreatitis, he was on the road to recovery in the comfort of his home. 

Mary Jo Eustace, his TV costar on the show "What's for Dinner?" spoke about his death to remind people of the type of person Kostick was. "I just want everybody to know he was a fantastic person on TV and off," she told the outlet. She continued that Kostick was a non-serious person, so mourning should be done in the way he would have wanted it to be. "What we want to do is include all the food he loved, like perogies, and the people that he loved, to laugh and share a story about him."

Kostick was such a fan of perogies that his recipe was posted on Montreal Gazette as a way to remember him. Along with a smorgasbord of other ingredients, his perogies included potatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese, and butter. Despite his unfortunate passing, his family was happy that his life was rewarding. "Ken lived a full and wonderful life, with many passions including, food, pets, and people," a spokesperson said (via National Post).