Donald Trump Just Claimed He Knows The McDonald's Menu Better Than The Workers

Love him or hate him, President Donald J. Trump knows how to create a media frenzy. One of his less political and more peculiar controversies has been his diet. While Trump was president, his daily meals included plenty of well-done steaks, Diet Coke, and fast food. Trump especially has a love for fast food joints, particularly Burger King, KFC, and McDonald's. According to an interview with CNN, one reason Trump prefers fast food chains is due to the chain's cleanliness and consistency. He famously said, "One bad hamburger, you can destroy Mcdonald's."

Even though Trump is a multi-billionaire, his eating habits make him appear as a man of the people. His love for McDonald's is well documented, as is his extra-large order. His typical order, according to his son-in-law Jared Kushner, is a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, fries, and a vanilla milkshake. Trump is often known to share the love when it comes to his favorite meal, even catering McDonald's when the White House hosted the Clemson football team. Trump brought in Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, and even threw in some Burger King Whoppers, and pizza for some good measure. 

Trump likes food that is "All-American," and his love of McDonald's hasn't disappeared since he's left the White House.

Donald Trump supports a devastated community with McDonald's

Donald Trump's love of McDonald's was never more evident than on his recent visit to East Palestine, Ohio. The former president visited the town to support residents whose lives have been affected by the Norfolk Southern train derailment and chemical spill. While in town, Trump visited a local McDonald's and proudly proclaimed to the cashier, "I know this menu better than you do. I probably know it better than anybody in here." 

The video of his visit to McDonald's quickly went viral, with some people perplexed over his request for the day's specials. While Trump did order food for himself and his staff, he also paid for the food of everyone dining at the restaurant, as well as the local fire and police department.

No word on if Trump ordered beverages, but if he did, chances are he ordered a Diet Coke for himself. Even though Trump isn't currently occupying the White House, when he did, he had an extravagant ordering system for his Diet Coke. He reportedly had a special red button that, when pushed, would signal a butler to deliver his Diet Coke. He reportedly consumed upwards of 12 Diet Cokes a day, ensuring the little red button got a lot of use. Drinks aside, Trump's love for McDonald's and sharing his knowledge of the restaurant certainly doesn't go unnoticed.