TOC Chef Chris Cosentino Still Has The Scar From One Cooking Disaster

We've all had cooking mishaps before. Maybe you overcooked your very first scrambled eggs or your first batch of french fries turned out soggy because you didn't let the oil heat long enough. Or, perhaps your mishap was more serious and resulted in your food catching on fire while on the stove, or worse, setting the entire kitchen on fire or burning yourself.

If you've watched enough cooking shows, you know that celebrity chefs have made mistakes too, some of which resulted in bodily injuries. Case in point? Chris Cosentino's cooking accident. The "Tournament of Champions" chef shared the story in a Food Network video segment that featured other celebrity chefs who revealed their "shocking cooking disasters."

Unsurprisingly, many of the celebrities' disasters involved fire or something else very hot. Cosentino didn't go into graphic detail or mention when it happened, but his incident was serious enough to leave a scar.

Deep frying gone wrong

Known for his gourmet meals, Italian cuisine, and whole-animal ethics, Chris Cosentino has wowed food lovers for years with his cooking perfection, but this was not one of his better moments in the kitchen. He said he had a pot of hot oil for deep frying, and somehow, "the pot came and spilled down" his apron and even down his leg (via Food Network).

Did he bump into the pot and cause the oil to spill out or did the entire pot fall down onto him? How much oil spilled? He didn't say, so you'll have to use your imagination.  By the way, Cosentino isn't the only celebrity chef who burned himself with hot oil. No surprise there either; oil spills are common. "Chopped" Chef Scott Conant had the same thing happen to him, according to Insider. He bumped into a large pot of oil, and his apron got caught on the handle, causing it to spill down his apron and legs, leaving him a scar as well. 

Let this be a lesson to all of us to be extra careful when cooking with hot oil and to always make sure the handle is facing the back of the stove.