How To Approach A Jell-O Shot With British Fine Dining Etiquette

If you've ever tried a Jell-O shot before, you know that it's rarely a pretty sight. When they are served in tiny plastic cups, many people opt for crushing said cup to force the gelatin out. Another popular option is trying to suck the gelatin into one's mouth using lips, tongue, fingers, really anything that will get the darn thing out of there. If you've eaten a Jell-O shot and thought, "there's got to be a more dignified way to do this," you're in luck.

Lucy Challenger is a British etiquette coach and content creator with over half a million followers on TikTok. Challenger's content provides tips on how to properly eat certain foods like crème brûlée and stuffed mushrooms. They also give advice on age-old social conundrums like double dipping. How then, with all these food and drink etiquette insights, does Challenger suggest we approach the ever-awkward Jell-O shot?

Reach for a spoon if you're in trouble

For all of us Jell-O shooting strugglers out there, Challenger made an in-depth TikTok tutorial showing viewers how to eat what they call a "jelly shot." Challenger made one using vodka, and begins by grasping the shot glass with their thumb and index finger, then assessing whether or not the gelatin is still flush to the sides of the glass. This next step is crucial, lest we embarrass ourselves by shaking a Jell-O-filled shot glass around our mouths for five whole minutes. Challenger instructs jelly shot indulgers to use a small spoon to release the edges of the gelatin from the sides of the glass. After gently releasing the gelatin from its shot glass prison, you are free to then guide the shot glass to your mouth where everything should easily fall into place. No fish pout is required.


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Challenger's advice has garnered a huge response in the comment section with TikTok users asking questions like, "How do I formally drink a jaegerbomb please" and "How do I hug a toilet bowl from too many jello shots in a formal British setting?" We're all on the edge of our seats wondering what etiquette challenges Challenger will help us overcome next.