Kit Kat Wants You To Eat Its Chocolate-Covered Wafers — Just Not Like This

Decadently smooth on the outside and crispy on the inside, the iconic Kit Kat bar has cemented its place as one of the most recognizable candy brands in the world ever since it was first created in the 1930s. Japan loves these snappable sweets so much that it's considered a good luck charm; and, over the past few decades, a whopping 300 flavors have circulated the country. It's no secret that the world's chocolate-loving population has expressed a lot of thoughts about the "right" way to eat a Kit Kat over the years. The controversy swirls around the technique used, and the drama is comparable to the all-too-familiar pineapple pizza debate that always seems to divide friendships and trigger eye-squinting distrust.

So how do you eat your Kit Kats? You might snap the "fingers" apart individually, nibble the edges off before munching, lick off all the chocolate first, or take a giant chomp out of the entire thing. The latter method seems to be both a red flag and a personality flaw to those who prefer to make use of the signature breakable grooves that the popular candy bar is well known for. Kit Kat's classic marketing jingle "Gimme a Break" that's been around since 1988 has to count for something, right? Now, the brand has tweeted about its feelings on the matter, getting the people going once again.

Kit Kat's Twitter says no to the chomp

It's obvious that brands like Wendy's and Old Spice love keeping it silly on social media, often engaging in annual roasting sessions and keeping up the witty banter. So when Kit Kat retweeted this photo a user posted of their chomping technique, captioned "the only way to eat a Kit Kat," the brand joked that this was a good enough reason to log off the app for the day. The comment section is a mixed bag of fans claiming heresy and the feeling of physical pain, while others explain why they also choose to eat it this way. "Hey, when it's that good, don't have time to break it apart," one commenter said; and, well, the chomp makes a lot more sense when you put it that way.

Regardless of your reasoning when it comes to breaking off a piece (or not) of that Kit Kat bar, the owner of the brand, Nestle, actually released an official stance on the heated matter in 2021. The company's Head of Marketing, Joyce Tan, stated, "Whether you snap, nibble or chomp, what really matters is that you take a break from your day to enjoy your Kit Kat your way." Ever since 1957, Kit Kat has encouraged taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to enjoy its chocolate-covered wafers, as evidenced by its slogan "Have a break. Have a Kit Kat". So it doesn't strictly mean you have to break them apart, after all.