The Pizza Hut-Themed Toy Set That Will Take You Back To The '90s

Many American millennials fondly remember the BOOK IT! Program. The concept is quite simple: Throughout the school year, students are encouraged to set monthly goals to read books of their choice and keep track of their progress. When students complete their goal, they are rewarded with a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. What an incredible incentive to teach kids that reading pays off in plenty of ways. To those who grew up in the '80s, '90s, and 2000s, looking forward to this time of year meant everything. And the initiative is still around today!

The '90s were a magical time for pop culture. From girl and boy bands dominating the airwaves to fun and colorful snack foods filling grocery store shelves, there was hardly a shortage of adolescent innocence. And then, of course, there were the toys: Beanie Babies, Furbies, and Barbies all had their moment in the sun. There is one toy brand, however, that has withstood the test of time: American Girl.

The newest American Girl dolls are from the '90s and love Pizza Hut

Since the iconic company's founding in 1986, the 18-inch dolls have represented fictional characters from various historic periods, including the Civil War, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, World War II, the '60s, '70s, and beyond. The brand's newest dolls come in a pair. Twin sisters Isabel and Nicki grew up in the '90s. According to Variety, one of the twins' generation-defining accessories is a Pizza Hut BOOK IT! set, which is sparking all sorts of nostalgia among late 20-somethings and 30-somethings who participated in the program during their youth.

The available American Girl miniature BOOK IT! add-on features a pocket-size pepperoni pizza nestled in a box, a vintage red Pizza Hut cup, an itty-bitty pizza spatula, tiny crushed red pepper and parmesan cheese shakers, a small-scale copy of the 1997 "Super Slumber Parties" book, a button fit for a doll, and an "official" BOOK-IT! certificate.

'90s girls, you know the drill. Blast some Spice Girls music, bust out the body glitter, scrunchies, and butterfly clips, curl up with a good book on your inflatable chair, and treat yourself to a Pizza Hut 'za for the proper throwback experience to celebrate this new duo.