The Taco Bell Nacho Cheese Sauce Nightmare Reddit Can't Stop Laughing At

As a fast and cheap chain that stays open late depending on location, Taco Bell can get pretty slammed — especially on nights and weekends. With so many customers passing through their store and drive-through, it's only natural to assume that they will occasionally run out of certain items.

Maybe you had a fourth meal craving for a Crunchwrap Supreme or a Mexican Pizza, but it just so happened that everyone else did, too. While that situation is understandable, you probably wouldn't expect them to run out of a staple such as nacho cheese sauce, but let's face it, Nacho Fries have built a massive following since their popular United States debut in 2018 and subsequent limited-time menu reintroductions.

Usually when a store is out of something they notify the customers, but one Redditor on the r/tacobell forum received a disappointing surprise when they ordered nacho cheese sauce — and Reddit can't stop laughing about it.

The secret's in the sauce

Reddit user L4VNDR posted a photo displaying a bowl of what was supposed to be nacho cheese sauce with the caption: "Wasn't even informed they were out of nacho cheese sauce when making the order. They just melted shredded cheese in a cup — seriously?" (via Reddit). The sad-looking, congealed cheese resembles nothing remotely similar to the molten liquid gold nacho cheese sauce typically sold at Taco Bell. You might think this would be the result of a busy night, but L4VNDR said that they were the only customer in the store when the nacho cheese travesty occurred.

Redditors couldn't contain their guffaws at the pathetic sight. "I'm sorry for laughing, but this is pretty hilarious," said one commenter. "This makes me laugh irrationally hard," quipped another. "Laughed with my whole belly," stated a third person. Other users gave the Taco Bell employees an 'e' for effort. "They tried! But still funnysad. Probably should've offered you an alternative like maybe a sauce, beans, guac, etc." A couple of people humorously stated that the bowl looked like powdered cheese that had been melted in the quesadilla steamer. One user was adamant that such a switch was unacceptable: "Shredded cheese is NEVER a valid substitute for nacho cheese. Period." You just don't mess with a person's nacho cheese sauce.