The Costco Green Tea Kristen Bell Can't Go Without

Known for her work in TV shows like "Veronica Mars" and "The Good Place" and films like "Bad Moms" and "Frozen," Hollywood star Kristen Bell is an American sweetheart with an impressive catalog. Outside of her on-screen triumphs, the award-winning actress is a good samaritan, mom, wife, and three-legged corgi owner. In other words, she's just like us, kind of.

While we might not have millions of dollars and an assortment of People's Choice Awards, there's one thing many of us have in common with Kristen Bell — shopping at Costco. In an interview with Vulture, Bell said Costco was her "favorite store on the planet." And one of her favorite things to purchase at the members-only store? Her trusted feel-good beverage, green tea. Out of all the high-end options on the market, the star swears by the Kirkland brand green tea.

Kristen Bell buys Kirkland green tea in bulk

Not only does Kristen Bell purchase her green tea from Costco, but she also buys it in bulk. She tells Vulture that she's all but dead meat without caffeine and for a busy actress on set, that means she needs more than the average person. And while American families across the nation purchase in bulk for the sake of sharing, it seems Bell needs a whole case of Kirkland green tea to herself.

The best part of Kirkland's green tea? Even when purchasing in bulk, it doesn't take up much space. One small box of the USDA-certified organic tea comes with 100 sachets for under $15 — that's below fifteen cents per tea sachet. Who knew Kristen Bell was such a sucker for a good deal? As we said, she's just like us!

While you're at it you can even check out the cookbook inspired by "The Good Place" as you sip on the green tea that fuels the actress.