The One Ingredient That Makes TikTok's Copycat Snickers Bars Sweet And Sticky

Everyone knows it's true — you're not you when you're hungry. Snickers, the all-American candy bar company that coined the phrase, knows there's something to be said for extreme hanger. However, hanger is no match for a sweet, nutty, and caramel-filled candy bar, right? But a Snickers bar isn't always the best option.

Although they're mouth-wateringly delicious, a regular-sized Snicker bar boasts 26 grams of added sugar and 4.5 grams of saturated fat. And thanks to the milk content, Snickers aren't doable for vegans or anyone avoiding dairy. But fear not! If there's a problem, there's probably a solution on TikTok.

TikTok foodie and baking extraordinaire @lovelydelites uses their platform to share an assortment of nutritious baked goods. Amid recipes for DIY Girl Scout cookies and classic blueberry muffins, the social media baker once offered followers a recipe for a vegan-friendly copycat Snickers bar.

The imitation Snickers bar calls for some of the key ingredients found in the original candy bar — peanuts and chocolate. The creator uses almond flour as nougat and peanut butter to add structure to the dessert bar. But in this DIY Snickers video, the caramel is missing. What's the catch?

Dates are a nutritious caramel alternative

If you haven't heard already, dates are kind of having a moment. The fleshy stone fruit comes from a palm tree and totes an impressively sweet flavor similar to that of sugar. The dessert-like fruits are low-glycemic which means people who need to watch their blood sugar levels can still enjoy these sweet little delicacies. Dates can be enjoyed raw, concentrated into syrup, or, in this case, used to make a caramel filling for a homemade Snickers bar.


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TikToker @Lovelydelites combines pitted dates and creamy peanut butter in a food processor to create a hassle-free, sugar-free caramel filling for the not-so-Snickers bar. After covering the almond flour and peanut butter base with the date caramel, the recipe developer adds raw peanuts before smothering the layers in melted chocolate to finish it off.

As for the haters, the creator of this candy bar says date caramel is just as delicious as sugar caramel. From the look of the copy-cat Snickers bar, we are going to agree.