The Way Princess Anne Eats Bananas Is Quite Unusual

To be able to eat exactly what we want and how we please is a luxury, but for the royals, it's just another perk. Even with virtually everything, including private chefs, at their disposal, the royals generally follow a simple diet that works best for them, like the late Queen Elizabeth II of England and her children.

Despite all the headlines about her having four glasses of alcoholic beverages every day, the monarch was known for being disciplined about what she ate. "She could have anything she wanted, but it is that discipline that [kept] her so well and so healthy," her former chef Darren McGrady told CNN. The royal's diet included estate-grown vegetables, fish, pheasant, dark chocolate, and an occasional glass of wine. King Charles' eating habits seem just as disciplined, as are those of his sister, Princess Anne.

According to The Mirror, Princess Anne has a similar diet to the late Queen. From breakfast to dinner, she prefers to eat nutritious meals and reportedly starts each day with a bowl of fruit. While it might sound pretty standard, the way she prefers her bananas is honestly kind of, well, bananas.

Princess Anne's peculiar way of eating bananas

If you thought the royal protocol of eating bananas using a knife and fork was bizarre, Princess Anne's unusual preference when it comes to bananas might blow your mind. "[Princess Anne] almost always preferred the bananas almost black," chef Darren McGrady revealed to TODAY.

Often used in desserts or to bake bread, Princess Anne prefers overripe bananas because they are apparently easier to digest.

While overripe bananas are of course safe to eat, you should look out for mold on the stems or signs of decay like a funny smell or fruit flies hovering above it.

Even if the idea of eating bananas like Princess Anne is not something you can digest, don't throw away those bananas yet. Use them to whip up some mouthwatering banana recipes or simply add them to your smoothie.