20 Underrated Drinks To Try From The Gas Station

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Those of us who love food approach gas stations and convenience stores differently than the average person. While some people grab their usual road trip snack and go, avid foodies tend to take their time picking out a bite to eat and a drink. The gas station is a fun place to go not only to pick up your go-to favorite chips and candy, but it's also a prime opportunity to see what new products have recently hit the market. 

The drink cooler aisle of any gas station is particularly awe-inducing. The colorful refrigerators are full of everything from soda to energy drinks to coffee in a can. There are some staples, like Coca-Cola and Red Bull, that you probably expect to find at almost any given gas station you stop at. Adventurous road trippers, however, likely have more fun experimenting with the different drinks they can pair with their personal snack of choice. 

We decided to highlight 20 underrated drinks you can find at the gas station or convenience store that deserve more praise. Whether it's a riff on iced tea or a refreshing sports drink, there's a little bit of every kind of drink for every person. You should try these out on your next pit stop to quench your thirst before getting back behind the wheel. 

1. A Shoc

A Shoc is an energy drink that's not for the faint of heart. The "A" in the name stands for "accelerator," and these colorful cans pack a whopping 200 mg of plant-based caffeine inside. So, they'll give you plenty of energy if regular coffee or Red Bull isn't your thing. A Shoc beverages also don't contain any sugar and claim to promote mental clarity and a fast metabolism. Those factors, along with the addition of BCAA aminos and electrolytes, make it a great pre-workout pump-up drink as well, if you can handle all of that caffeine. 

The energy drink brand has fun flavors like tropical punch, blue raspberry, and orange freeze. Some customer reviews state the orange flavor tastes exactly like a Creamsicle treat you might remember from your childhood if that makes you even more curious to try it out. Other taste testers praise the watermelon and fruit punch flavors, while the blue raspberry seems to be more of an acquired taste. 

2. Better Than Booze

Better Than Booze might not be available at every corner store or gas station, but it is a growing non-alcoholic mocktail option that still offers a little bit of a buzz to the person drinking it. The drink is hemp-derived and each can contains CBD and THC, which is under the .3% federal limit, so it's legal in most states. The brand, which launched in 2022, has three cocktail-inspired flavors of its drinks — rosemary-grapefruit paloma, elderberry gin and tonic, and a mint and lime mojito. 

It's a hangover-free drink that is still packed with flavor and is also great for vegan and gluten-free folks. "This tastes just like the cocktails I used to drink. Super flavorful! My body feels so much better without the alcohol, but with the micro dose of THC I still get the buzz," one customer review on Better Than Booze's website reads. Other fans of the brand also particularly shout-out the grapefruit paloma flavor as a crowd favorite. 

3. Bodyarmor

Gatorade is a favorite sports drink that many grab in the refrigerated section, but Bodyarmor is a flavorful alternative that has many people ditching the classic option. Bodyarmor drinks, which have been around since 2011, come in regular, lite, and caffeinated versions depending on personal preference, and a boatload of flavors as well. The flavors are usually fruity mashups like cherry-lime, strawberry-grape, pineapple-coconut, and dragonfruit-berry, with more standard options as well. Bodyarmor stands out thanks to the addition of coconut water makes every bottle extremely hydrating and always refreshing. 

Bodyarmor was acquired by Coca-Cola in 2021, so it's likely even easier to find it at a random gas station next time you need an electrolyte-filled drink to quench your thirst. Many reviews say that they prefer the flavors of Bodyarmor to Gatorade and other popular hydrating sports drinks on the market, especially thanks to all of the added health benefits.

4. Clean Cause

Clean Cause sparkling yerba mate drinks not only taste delicious, but the company supports a cause you can feel good about backing. The brand is notable as it donates 50% of its net profits to efforts that support addiction recovery, and they've raised $1.6 million and counting. Aside from the good cause, it's also a tasty way to explore the wonders of yerba mate. 

Yerba mate is a natural caffeine source that's become very popular in the U.S. in recent years, and Clean contains 160 mg of caffeine per drink. Each can is low in calories, with some zero-calorie varieties, and they come in flavors like watermelon-mint, lemon-lime, blackberry, raspberry, and more. "Every flavor I've had has been phenomenal," one review on Clean Cause's website reads. "Highly recommend for anybody who needs caffeine but in a different way than coffee has to offer. No jitters, no crash; it's fantastic!"

5. Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian sparkling water might be a throwback for some 1990s babies who remember when the drink was available in the U.S back in the day. The brand recently brought its drinks back to America and they're just as full-flavored and fizzy as you might remember. The glass bottles contain pure Canadian spring water. While there's a plain variety, the fruity flavors are the true stand-outs of the line. 

Clearly Canadian makes its recipe significant by using cane sugar and citric acid for a little added sweetness and vibrancy. The bottles come in flavors like mountain blackberry, summer strawberry, orchard peach, and country raspberry and all of them are equally delicious. Many fans of the sparkling water brand like that it has no artificial aftertaste from any of the flavors, and the fact that every bottle is full of so much fizz even after it has been open for a while.

6. Health-Ade Kombucha

Even people who swear that they don't like kombucha might be swayed by one of Health-Ade Kombucha's several delicious flavors. Kombucha is a healthy alternative to most of the other tasty drinks at the gas station like soda and juice. There are several benefits to drinking kombucha — the main being that it contains probiotics that help promote a healthy gut microbiome and immune system. 

Health-Ade is one of those brands you can rely on and expect every flavor to be good, whether it's sweet like the pink lady apple option or savory like the blood orange, carrot, and ginger bottle. The lineup also includes unique flavors like mint limeade, tropical punch, cayenne cleanse, and watermelon. Some customer reviews of the brand point out that Health-Ade's flavors were what got them started on drinking kombucha in the first place as it feels reminiscent of drinking an alcoholic beverage but is a way healthier pick. 

7. High Brew Coffee

Canned coffee can be a hit or a miss, especially cold brew which can often taste so acidic that it is almost sour once it's put in a can. High Brew Coffee from Austin, Texas figured out the secret to great canned cold brew — patience. The brand uses 100% Arabica direct-trade beans to make cold brew over time, never using heat to speed up the process. The result is a full-flavor brew that has a depth of flavor, and a whole lot of caffeine. 

High Brew has an impressive lineup of flavors, from Mexican vanilla to toasted coconut to nitro sweet cream cold brew. Most of their cans contain between 100 and 200 mg of caffeine, aside from the loaded triple shot espressos with 225 mg apiece. Many fans of the brand remark on its smooth flavor for a canned cold brew, sometimes even beating the craft espresso drinks they buy at some coffee shops. 

8. Ito En Japanese tea

Ito En is a Japanese tea brand that has been around for decades, but their bottled line of teas are no-brainer picks among a sea of basic iced tea choices. The brand has several bottled drinks, many being iterations of green tea, which is the crown jewel of Ito En. The flavors include mugicha barley tea, jasmine green tea, golden oolong, and many more. "My favorite Japanese bottled green tea. Usually drink one or two bottles a day. Delicious," one Amazon review of Ito En's green tea bottles reads. 

After trying the brand for the first time, you might be tempted to explore Ito En's other tea options like matcha, loose leaf, and bagged tea to take things up a notch. However, the brand's bottled green tea will always be a foolproof selection for when you're on the go, especially if you happen upon a gas station that stocks the drink. 

9. Jibby

Jibby drinks not only have the perks of convenience and taste, but the CBD-infused coffee will give you both a boost of caffeine with an added calming effect to help you focus. The brand uses water-soluble CBD that is added to its cold brew coffee that boasts 25 mg per can. They say this is the ideal amount to feel the effects without it totally impacting your day or making you too relaxed to take on your daily tasks. 

Jibby comes in four flavors inspired by coffee menu staples that are perfect to kickstart your morning. The lineup includes oat matcha latte, mocha latte, cold brew coffee, and oat milk latte. The coffee options are popular among fans, but reviews of the brand's lineup really praise the matcha latte. Also, customers who have tried Jibby were pleasantly surprised with the subtle amount of CBD. They say that it's enough to reap the benefits, but not too overwhelming for those who are typically sensitive to ingesting any substances. 

10. Mad Tasty

Another drink featuring a hint of CBD is Mad Tasty, a sparkling water that is infused with water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp extract. Each can is light and bubbly, with 20 mg of CBD each. The flavors are the perfect balance of classic and interesting, with the four including grapefruit, yuzu-citrus, watermelon-kiwi, and the mysterious unicorn tears, which seems to sway more tropical in flavor based on reviews from taste testers. 

Mad Tasty is the slightly-elevated version of the average can of sparkling water with added effects of CBD, which could make it a fun switch-up from your typical gas station hydration pick. It's a great option for an afternoon pick-me-up that's hydrating. And, it can give you an added boost to get through the rest of the day without making you jittery like coffee or energy drink. Plus, if you're someone that tends to crack open a can of soda once 3 p.m. rolls around, Mad Tasty can be a more hydrating and less sugary option. 

11. Olipop

The ultimate drink for people looking to cut back on their soda intake is Olipop. Technically, it's a sparkling tonic, but Olipop is basically alternative soda that's actually good for you. The cans are full of fiber, minimal sugar, prebiotics to promote gut health, and 45 calories or less. Olipop uses super healthy ingredients like nopal cactus, cassava root, calendula flower, marshmallow root, and more in its recipes that channel classic sodas. 

The Olipop lineup is impressive. It includes basic soda flavors like vintage cola, Doctor Goodwin (the brand's take on Dr. Pepper), and root beer. There are fruity choices like classic grape, orange, and lemon-lime. They also have more adventurous flavors including tropical punch, cherry-vanilla, strawberry-vanilla, and ginger-lemon. One Thing Testing review of Olipop reads, "I love Olipop! It is one of the first non-sugary sodas that ACTUALLY tastes like the real deal. The Vintage Cola is my go-to for replacing my Diet Coke addiction." 

12. Recess

Recess is an anti-energy drink. It won't make you fall asleep at a moment's notice, but it will make you feel calm and relaxed. The drink is sparkling water infused with 10 mg of hemp extract, adaptogens, and, in some cans, magnesium to lift up your mood and relax your mind.  Not only are the effects enticing for anyone who needs to unwind, but the flavors are also just as delicious. 

The Recess lineup includes options like peach-ginger, blood orange, pomegranate-hibiscus, black cherry, blackberry-chai, and coconut-lime. The choices also feature more flavor mashups like grapefruit-tangerine, raspberry-lemon, and strawberry-rose with those added calming effects. Each Recess can also has 5g or less of sugar and 20 calories or less, and is made using real fruit and natural ingredients. Many devoted fans have their favorite flavors, but customer reviews particularly praise the pomegranate-hibiscus can for first-time tasters to get the best first impression of the brand. 

13. Reed's

Reed's is a common drink brand to stumble upon at any average liquor store or gas station. It's a well-known Jamaican-style ginger beer that's a prime cocktail mixer. The brand has been around since the 1980s and has expanded its line to include various flavors and strengths of ginger beer and ginger ale. The zesty concoction is a perfect gas station stop to ease car sickness thanks to its dose of stomach-soothing ginger.

Reed's recipes include fresh ingredients like pineapple juice, ginger, lemon juice, lemon juice, and honey for the zesty flavor that the brand is known for. Whether you drink it on its own or save it for a mixed drink, there's no going wrong when you pick up a can when you see it in the refrigerated section of the store. Some avid ginger ale and ginger beer drinkers praise Reeds in reviews as the best on the market, especially thanks to its affordable price tag. 

14. Roar Organic

Roar Organic is a vitamin-enhanced beverage aimed at people needing a boost in hydration, but who are looking for something different than Vitamin Water or Propel. Roar fills its bottles with B vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes for plenty of health benefits. The drink's flavor remains its shining aspect, thanks to the tasty base ingredient of coconut water. Roar comes in four flavors — mango-clementine, cucumber-watermelon, Georgia peach, and blueberry-acai. 

Roar Organic is also good for those watching their diet, as the drink contains 3 g of sugar or less and 20 calories each. Additionally, the brand is vegan and gluten-free. So if the colorful bottles in the cooler entice you, you can feel good that Roar is a great pick for dietary restrictions. "Roar organic electrolyte drinks are my current obsession. My absolute favorite is the mango clementine flavor. Go get some and thank me later," one Influenster review of Roar Organic reads. 

15. Sanzo

Those of us who drink a lot of sparkling water on a regular basis know that after a while, the mainstream brands can start to taste the same. The common staple flavors like lemon-lime and raspberry aren't necessarily bad but can easily get boring. An easy swap to keep things interesting is Sanzo, a sparkling water brand that is totally inspired by various Asian flavors. Sanzo was founded by a Filipino-American man who was looking to expand the flavor offerings of sparking water to reflect his own taste preferences. 

Sanzo's line includes fun flavors like yuzu with ginger, calamansi, lychee, mango, and Asian pear. The cans have no added sugar and use real fruit in each recipe, so the beverage exudes freshness. Many customers prefer Sanzo for its unique flavors that they can't find in big sparkling water brands, particularly the zesty calamansi option according to reviews.

16. Sidral Mundet

Sidral Mundet might be one of the oldest brands on the list as the Mexican apple soda has been around since 1902. So, it's not uncommon to see the unassuming bottles in the refrigerator at any random gas station or convenience store. The bottled drink is inspired by the ever-popular agua frescas in Mexico. But, it's packaged to be enjoyed on the go by anyone who can't stop and make themselves a fresh version of the drink. 

The iconic Mexican brand makes both regular and green apple versions of its fizzy apple soda that's distinct in flavor. Sidral Mundet can't be exactly compared to other apple drinks like juice or cider, as it's a category of its own. "I love love love apple flavored sodas, but few often get it right. This beverage is delicious and refreshing on a hot summer day. This is by far my favorite soft drink. Inexpensive, tasty, no caffeine. Rich apple flavor," one Influenster review of Sidral Mundet apple soda reads. 

17. Uptime

Uptime is another alternative energy drink that has the added bonus of being sold in resealable bottles for even easier drinking when you're on the move. The energy drinks come in both zero sugar and cane sugar varieties that all contain no sodium and 142 mg of natural caffeine for a super boost of energy. The flavor is reminiscent of a juice that's not as thick, but even more refreshing so that it really wakes you up after a few sips. 

Uptime comes in several flavors, both with and without sugar, including citrus, blueberry-pomegranate, white peach lemonade, ruby red grapefruit, and tropical passionfruit. Some reviews compare the flavor of Uptime to fruity sodas like Sprite, but without the artificial-tasting flavors that some energy drinks tend to have lingering in the background. Additionally, people prefer Uptime as their caffeine source because the energy they feel is consistent without an impending crash. 

18. Vita Coco

Coconut water is one of the most naturally hydrating beverages you can opt for, so it's never a bad idea to grab a box of Vita Coco when stopping at the gas station for Cheetos and a slushy. It's all about balance, after all. Vita Coco is a tasty coconut water brand with several flavors that are naturally sweet. It's also full of electrolytes like potassium and magnesium to replenish you after a night out of drinking or a grueling workout.  

The brand sells regular and pressed options of coconut water, as well as flavors like pineapple or peach, and mango. You can even get a box that contains caffeine for a two-in-one beverage. "Great tasting, one of the highest sources of potassium, electrolytes, and did I mention it tastes great? The packaging is very "green" and easy to chill, light to carry and dispose of," one Amazon customer wrote in a review of Vita Coco. "I find that it helps me as a sport drink and I don't have to worry about the salt."

19. Vybes

Hemp drinks are all the rage, and one final choice to try out if you see it at the gas station is Vybes. The brand is all about the health and wellness of both your mind and body. This is the driving force of this hemp-infused drink with 25 mg of CBD extract per bottle. 

The organic ingredients in the Vybes recipe result in a full-flavor beverage that's vegan and gluten-free. The drink comes in fruity and floral flavor options like blackberry-hibiscus and strawberry-lavender. There are also herb-infused combos like blueberry-mint and Honeycrisp apple-basil. Many fans of Vybes like that the brand prioritizes making drinks that taste delicious, unlike some other brands that rely on CBD infusion as the main selling aspect. The one drawback is that they're often pricier than other drinks in the gas station cooler aisle, but they're worth the money if you can buy one to try. 

20. V8 +Energy

V8 is most often known as the tomato juice brand. But anyone who has explored the product line knows that they make so much more than vegetable juice. V8 has perfected the method of sneaking impressive servings of fruits and vegetables inside drinks that taste great, and their V8 + Energy line is no different. These cans contain 80 mg of caffeine that is derived from brewed tea, and plenty of fruits and veggies for bonus vitamins and minerals. 

V8 + Energy has really expanded its flavor line, meaning it's probably easier than you think to find at the gas station. Citrus lovers can enjoy refreshing orange pineapple or lemon-lime while berry devotees can delight in pomegranate-blueberry and strawberry-kiwi flavors. And you can't go wrong with black cherry, the perfect alternative to that bright red gas station slushie. "I absolutely love this drink. It is delicious and had so many benefits. Not only that, but it gives a boost of energy every time," one Influenster review of the V8 + Energy drinks reads.