Yes, Doritos Once Tried The Sour Cream And Onion Flavor But It Flopped

Though we know and love Doritos best for its original Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch flavors, the brand has tried out many other flavors over the years. In addition to the current lineup of Spicy Sweet Chili, Spicy Nacho, Salsa Verde, Sweet & Tangy BBQ, and Flamin' Hot favorites, Doritos has a hefty catalog of discontinued flavors.

In addition to somewhat odd but also somewhat tame Doritos flavors like Atomic Chile Limon, Honey Chili, Screamin' Sriracha, Tangy Pickle, and Wasabi, the world has also been blessed -– or cursed? –- with some really weird ones. We're talking the likes of Seasoned Chicken, All Night Cheeseburger, and Boston Garlic Shrimp.

With all that being said, we can sometimes see why certain flavors failed, while others succeeded. Other times, however, flavor failures make no sense. Doritos' best example of this? Its Sour Cream and Onion flavored chips. Yeah, we bet you forgot about those. We did, too.

What happened to the sour cream and onion Doritos?

Younger readers might remember Doritos' sour cream and onion flavor from 2013, but truth be told, this flavor was actually introduced in the 1970s. By the early '80s, the flavor had been discontinued, and many people believe the flavor just wasn't suited to tortilla chips. That's a fair point, as we really don't see too many tortilla chip brands –- besides Doritos, which is in a category of its own -– making flavored chips.

One review of the chips on said that the seasonings tasted "nothing like sour cream and onion," instead tasting like an off-kilter Cool Ranch Dorito. Others agreed that the sour cream and onion Doritos were more like a milder version of Cool Ranch, albeit "a little oniony." Why continue to make this flavor when everyone thinks they taste like your more-popular flavor, right?

Regardless of popular opinion, there are still a few brave souls who remain faithful to sour cream and onion Doritos. More than 600 people have signed a Change petition to bring the flavor back to the U.S., and while that's not a lot, every petition has to start somewhere.