Gordon Ramsay's Butter Chicken Video Is Leaving Behind A Trail Of Doubt

No matter how extensive their expertise or vast their fan following, many a chef have found themselves embroiled in controversy when they've tried their hand at traditional recipes. Nigella Lawson, for example, has angered Italians more times than one can count with her non-traditional pancetta, double cream, and white wine-based carbonara; her Australian-Italian fusion marmite spaghetti; and her pasta alla puttanesca recipe that she renamed "slattern's spaghetti." Further, few know the internet's wrath better than Rachael Ray, whose controversial takes on pozole, refried beans, and tomatillo pico de gallo had fans wishing she would leave Mexican food alone.

Although Gordon Ramsay isn't shy with his sharp tongue and blunt humor, causing his fair share of scandal and public outrage in the past, it's his cooking that seems to have irked fans this time around. Ramsay's butter chicken curry recipe isn't going down too well with viewers on Instagram, who find that the chef's way of making the Indian dish is not even close to authentic.

It's a thumbs down for Ramsay's butter chicken

In a video shared on Instagram, Ramsay appears to sauté garlic, ginger, and chilies in oil before adding marinated chicken to the pot and a heap of spices at the very end. This method, it so happens, isn't sitting well with his fans. As one person put it: "Butter chicken 'curry'? Bruh. Really? First off, that's basically not even butter chicken, secondly, not all Indian food is called curry. So disappointing."

Comments complain that Ramsay's butter chicken curry looks bland at best and is a misrepresentation of Indian food at worst. One fan even took a dig at the "Hell's Kitchen" host's iconic "idiot sandwich" one-liner: "That's not how you make Butter Chicken Mr Gordon *Takes two slices of bread What are you now???" Others walked the chef through the way they say real butter chicken should be made. Per viewers, not only should the chicken be fried first, but it should also be cooked in a saucy gravy of onions and tomatoes, rather than the drier mix that seems to be Ramsay's way.

The chef may soon come to find that his fans are just as savage as he is, with a flood of comments asking, "Haiyaa, where your rice cooker?" — a catchphrase used by a London-based Malaysian YouTuber by the name of Uncle Roger, who previously slammed Ramsay's Thai papaya salad and ramen recipes. Fans are sure that if Uncle Roger were to review this recipe, he wouldn't approve of the butter chicken curry, either.