Krispy Kreme's St. Patrick's Day Lineup Is Finally Here

Who doesn't love a themed donut, especially one coming from the best donut chain? Krispy Kreme always drops awesome holiday and seasonal collections with enticing flavors and fun decorations. For Christmas in 2022, the collection was themed after "Santa's Bake Shop," and included flavors like sugar cookie and iced gingerbread, and even featured a treat dipped in red icing decorated to look like Santa Claus' signature suit. The theme for Halloween that same year was "Haunted House," and had decorations to match, including an offering filled with cake batter and topped with neon green icing, sparkly sprinkles, and a crunchy sugar ghost.

Now, Krispy Kreme has revealed that they will celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2023 with the theme "Good as Gold." The collection will include four new options and bring back two favorites — the O'riginal Glazed Doughnut, their most classic donut completely covered in green icing, as well as one with simple chocolate icing and St. Patrick's Day-themed sprinkles.

What new donuts are in the St. Patrick's Day collection?

There are lots of reasons Krispy Kreme donuts are so delicious, and the fun, seasonal, toppings just add to the overall enjoyment. All four St. Patrick's Day donuts really capture the "Good as Gold" theme. The first of the two filled donuts, the Golden Cookies & Kreme, has golden cookie filling, white icing, and is topped with pieces of golden cookies and gold sprinkles.

The other filled donut, the Rainbow Kreme, has White Kreme filling and is decorated with a rainbow scene, including sprinkles made to look like gold coins strewn across a green icing field. The other two donuts keep it simple and have neat, but festive decorations. The Golden Sprinkle is coated in green icing and topped with a mix of green and gold sprinkles. The Hat O' Gold is iced in chocolate with a green plaid motif and a leprechaun hat.

This collection of donuts will be available at Krispy Kreme locations starting on March 9. For an extra treat, if you visit a Krispy Kreme shop on March 16 and 17 not only will you get to try the golden-themed offerings, you can get a free O'riginal Glazed just for wearing green.