You Can Wear Aldi, Again

Super fans of Aldi can once again sport its merchandise to express their loyalty. Previously, H.E.B. did the same thing to celebrate its 117th birthday, but only consumers who visited the Kerrville, Texas store were able to get their hands on the product line. Per a press release, merchandise items included socks, hats, baby clothes, T-shirts, shoes, coffee mugs, and stickers. Founded in 1905, this location was the first of the H.E.B. chain, so it only made sense it was the home of the merch line.

7-Eleven had a similar idea, dropping a product line under the name 7Collection. Taking customers into the past, the selection came with iconic memorabilia, T-shirts, and hats. Two more collections included a car theme with a trucker hat, car decal, and air freshener, and a Slurpee theme with drink-related apparel. For the second time, Aldi is dropping a line for diehard fans, and surprisingly, the items are highly affordable.

All items will be listed for under $10

On March 22, Aldi will be dropping another merch collection for the brand's biggest fans. Per a press release, the list of items includes a keychain quarter holder, a bucket hat or cap, an umbrella, slides, socks, belt bag, tumbler, windbreaker, jogger, and pullover. Notably, each of the products is priced at less than $10, with the windbreaker, jogger, and pullover costing the most. Several additional items are included in this year's selection. According to Store Brands, the 2022 collection sold pajamas, water bottles, a playset, and an activity book, as well as socks, slides, and keychain holders that are available this year.

Blake Droesch, senior analyst at market research firm Insider Intelligence, explained to Modern Retail the benefit of releasing this type of product line. "If someone buys branded merchandise, they basically become a walking billboard for your brand," he said. "It will tell people that there's a group of people who have a really strong allegiance to that particular brand, and it can create value." 

The Aldi merchandise line will be available for a limited time only, so those interested should visit the website as soon as it drops.