Slim Jim Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

If you were to describe a Slim Jim to someone who had no idea what it was, the truth might sound a bit unappealing. It's essentially a long stick of soft meat encased in a firm wrapping of tougher meat. Yea, not the greatest description of a food to entice someone to try it. But, if you gave that same person a Slim Jim after describing it to them, they might very well take a bite and instantly become a huge Jim-head. The sticks are super savory and hit your palate with that salty, umami sensation that keeps your mouth going back for more.

Slim Jim has several different flavors outside of the Original flavor. Some are sweet, and some are spicy, but not all of them are worthy of a spot in your belly. And the fact that these aren't exactly diet-friendly snacks means you want to make sure you're getting the goods if you're going to indulge in something that won't thrill your doctor. So, keep this list in mind next time you're prepared to snap into a Slim Jim.

10. Tabasco

A dash (or a hefty drizzle for you heat-seekers) of Tabasco sauce can take a basic dish and turn it into something worth salivating over. Tabasco isn't overtly spicy, but it has a wonderful vinegar flavor to it that really cuts through savory food and wakes your palate up. Slim Jims offer customers an option with the flavor of that famous Louisiana sauce so many people love. However, if you're looking to coat your mouth with great Tabasco flavor, definitely don't use this variety of Slim Jim to do so.

You read the word "Tabasco ” on the Slim Jim, and you expect a snack that has all the flavor of the hot sauce, but that's not at all what you end up getting. The spice in the Slim Jim doesn't taste like Tabasco at all. Instead it has an odd, pungent smell and flavor that really don't resemble anything recognizable. It's also not really even spicy. The sharp flavor of who-knows-what lingers on your tongue afterward and can taint the taste of whatever you eat later on in the day.

9. Mild

Opting for a taste that's mild says one thing about you: You really can't handle any kind of spice at all. And that's totally okay. Not everyone loves when the fiery plumes of Hell dance across their tongues and set the fire alarms off on the roofs of their mouths. So, for people who prefer not to have their palate scorched by a stick of jerky, Slim Jim offers a Mild flavor. But it's nothing to write home about.

The flavor here tastes almost exactly the same as the Original, so you might as well just go with that if you absolutely have to purchase one of them. The Slim Jim website describes this as "the mellower sibling of Slim Jim Original." Yes, it might taste more mellow, but not by much, and overall, there's really nothing special about the flavor. It tastes like a mouthful of salted beef, which it is.

8. Nacho

When you're at a party and you see a plate of nachos hit the table, your appetite gets stoked. Who doesn't love a pile of crispy tortilla chips covered in a bunch of great fixings? They're shareable, delicious, and super easy to make. So, why not harness the great flavor of nacho cheese and put it into a Slim Jim? Well, that's exactly what the company did, and let's just say a plate of chips with actual melted cheese is far superior tasting.

There's such little cheese flavoring in the stick that if you didn't know it was nacho flavored, you would never have never guessed it was supposed to be. That's a problem. If you really search for the cheese flavor on your palate, you can find very light hints of it between bites, but it's nothing worth telling your Slim Jim-loving buddies about. Don't let yourself feel excited about the word "Nacho" on this packaging. Stick to the real stuff if that's the flavor you're seeking.

7. Hot AF

There's no subtlety in the flavor of this Slim Jim. It lets you know right off the bat what you're in for. These meaty sticks of savory, salty flavor certainly deliver in the heat department. These aren't for the faint of heart, so don't go into thinking, "Meh, how hot could it possibly be?" You'll quickly find yourself regretting the decision if you're someone who can't handle a roundhouse kick of fire in your mouth.

Now, in terms of heat, this Slim Jim definitely does what it's supposed to. However, in terms of the overall flavor, it doesn't rank high on our list. The spice overtakes any kind of savoriness that the meat offers, so you're left with a mouthful of pain without any real taste payoff. That's not to say there isn't a beefy flavor whatsoever. It's just hidden far behind the initial burn that strikes your tongue. If you're in the game for nothing but uncomfortable heat, then you won't mind. But, if it's beefy flavor you also want, then pick another option.

6. Original

Oftentimes, when you know something is an original, it means it's the best version. Other variations can spring off of the original, but nothing quite compares to what came first. Now, Slim Jim obviously has a bunch of different flavors to pick from, but it all started with the Original flavor. But does the Original reign supreme over all of the renditions that came after it? Sadly, this Original does not win the gold medal in that regard.

The Slim Jim website says, "One bite of that classic flavor, and it's clear to see why sequels just can't live up to the original." However, when it comes to these meat sticks, some of the sequels don't just live up to it, but they surpass it. Look, the flavor isn't necessarily bad. There's just nothing unique or fun about it. It's salty, savory, and smoky, which is exactly what Slim Jims are advertised as tasting like. But, there are several tastier options to choose from, so you might as well go for those.

5. Dill Pickle

Vinegar is a great ingredient to add to a food to help cut through any richness that might overwhelm the palate. The flavor acts like a tasty Ginsu knife that balances out flavors with ease, which is what makes pickles such a great accompaniment to a heavy dish. Seeing as Slim Jims have a very meaty, rich flavor, it makes sense that the company created a Dill Pickle flavor to help offset some of that hearty beefiness. The result? Not wonderful, but not terrible, either.

The dill flavor here is present, but anyone who really craves a punch of that vinegar taste might feel disappointed. The combination of the beef and dill could work magic in your mouth if it were stronger, but you really only get a hint of the stuff. The subtle flavor you do get does cut through the richness of the beef a bit, so it's not all a letdown.

4. Savage Spicy

If there's one person who can get you stoked on just about anything, it's iconic wrestling legend Randy "Macho Man" Savage. His over-the-top persona has you loudly bellowing, "Oh yea!" as soon as you see him. Slim Jim launched a line of products that feature the wrestler, and the sticks are enormous –- three times bigger than the standard size. But that's exactly what you'd expect from a guy with such a huge personality. One of the flavors is Savage Spicy, and it's definitely worth your money if you're craving some kick in your stick.

The meat consists of beef, chicken, and pork, so this thing is chock-full of protein. Every bite is a punch of hearty, smoky flavors, and the spice used really adds a lovely layer to everything. It's not overly spicy, which is great news for people who love a slight kick in the palate without the insufferable pain some other spicy foods bring. This is a solid choice for anyone with a huge appetite for a Slim Jim who likes a tasty zing of heat as well.

3. Sonic Chili Cheese Coney

Anyone who's been to Coney Island knows just how popular the chili cheese dogs are. It's a staple food item for anyone who wants to truly embody the Coney Island vibe while they're there. Well, Slim Jim teamed up with the fast food chain Sonic to create a flavor based on one of the restaurant's hot dog options, the Sonic Chili Cheese Coney. This stick does a great job of taking the flavors of the iconic boardwalk dog and putting them into a meaty stick of goodness.

The seasonings here really come through, and that's a relief because it's easy to create an unbalanced mixture that just doesn't hit the palate the way it should. There's a great cheese flavor that gives a rich sensation on your tongue, and the hearty taste of chili is right alongside it to balance that out. Plus, you still have the smoky, savory taste of the actual stick, so this thing is a medley of tasty flavors that all carry their weight appropriately.

2. Teriyaki

When you bite into something that's teeming with that coveted umami sensation, your mouth starts screaming out for joy. Umami offers a triple threat of sweet, salty, and savory tastes that nestle onto your palate and refuse to leave. It's the kind of sensation that once you feel it, you are forever on a constant hunt for it. Yea, it's that awesome. This is exactly what makes the Teriyaki Slim Jim such a great purchase.

There's a strong punch of teriyaki sauce present, which means more umami flavor to dance across your tongue and keep your appetite smiling wide. And, the teriyaki flavor compliments the meat inside the stick really well, and you almost feel like you're eating a beef teriyaki stir fry (without the veggies, of course). Snag yourself one of these the next time snapping into a Slim Jim is on your to-do list, which should be soon.

1. Honey BBQ

The sweet and savory flavor combination of honey and barbecue always hits the spot. They contrast each other beautifully, and anytime you can mix two opposing flavors together with the right balance, it's a huge win for your palate. This is exactly why the Honey BBQ Slim Jim is an absolute slam dunk of a snack. Both tastes come together in the meat stick and give your mouth a one-two punch of addictive flavor.

Because the meat is already smoky and savory, the addition of the barbecue flavor only enhances everything. You get a great tang that dances across your palate while you chew, and all the while a wonderfully sweet (but not too sweet) taste of honey cuts into the richness of the barbecue and never allows it to feel overly heavy. Both the honey and barbecue flavors are super prevalent, and when you combine them both with the salty smokiness of the meat, you have yourself a snack worth leaving the house for.