Walmart Is Keeping Its Easter Treats At Last Year's Price Despite Inflation

With the global economy in rough shape, U.S. shoppers have felt the pinch of ever-rising food prices. Given the sticker shock, it's understandable that many of us might be indulging in non-essential items less than we used to. Grocery prices are up just over 11% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, putting extra strain on everyone's food-related expenses, something that is likely to be exacerbated by the upcoming costs associated with the Easter holiday. A 2022 survey stated that the cost of an average Easter basket was up 22.5% from pre-pandemic prices, figures that put an added strain on families who were already contending with higher-than-normal prices on everyday essentials (via the New York Post).

The prices of some Easter essentials are up more than others, with the most greatly affected being eggs at a cost increase of over 70%. To offset increasing prices in stores, a certain retailer plans to help people shop for Easter without making sacrifices at the checkout.

According to a statement received by Mashed, grocery giant Walmart has stated that customers will be able to purchase ingredients for a traditional Easter dinner as well as a gift basket for under $100. In order to achieve these cost-saving measures, the grocer has committed to selling Easter essentials in Walmart stores at last year's prices, despite inflation.

Walmart's Easter sale actually started last year

Walmart's website features an "Easter meal checklist" containing popular holiday items such as ham, cherry pie, and mashed potatoes (via Walmart). Similarly, items for an Easter brunch are also featured on Walmart's website, allowing shoppers to plan a holiday meal.

According to a blog released by the company's Executive Vice President, the retailer's decision to freeze prices on holiday items came as the result of positive responses from shoppers regarding Walmart's initiative to offer Easter items in 2022 at their 2021 prices. While it remains to be seen whether shoppers will have the same positive response amid 2023 inflation rates, it's clear that inflation has affected holiday shopping for many Americans.

Per a 2022 survey by the National Retail Federation, 50% of shoppers said they planned to visit discount stores for the majority of their holiday purchases. According to the statement received by Mashed, as many as 65% of shoppers have said that inflated grocery prices are likely to negatively impact their Easter celebrations this year. So Walmart may be hoping that its offer gives it an edge over competitors. Its Easter rollbacks will be active until April 15.