How Walmart Customers Are Battling Inflation

It's no secret that inflation is hitting Americans hard. With costs continuing to rise, people are trying to become as innovative as possible to save money wherever they can. Even typical household ingredients, such as eggs, have seen great price increases from inflation. Back in May, Axios reported that eggs could see prices rise as much as 21% by late December — and other foods are in the same boat. Those costs mean that grocery shopping for basic food items can break the bank, especially for people shopping for large families. Even places like Aldi, which has notoriously affordable meats, veggies, and nonperishables, have had to deal with nonstop rising prices.

Between higher food costs and soaring gas prices, some consumers are steering away from their usual grocery store in favor of markets that are offering food at lower costs. Surprisingly, Walmart has been at the top of the list for more affordable groceries.

Walmart's low prices are helping consumers deal with inflation

It turns out Walmart's grocery section is quite popular among consumers. According to a survey by GoBankingRates, 57% of American consumers revealed that Walmart is their go-to store for purchasing food. The banking website credits two reasons: low costs and highly-stocked shelves. Plus, Walmart's generic brand is much more affordable than most name brands, with products like over-the-counter medicines costing less than half the price of the name brand, in some cases.

Reddit users seem to agree that Walmart's prices are hard to beat. A user on one thread said that Walmart price-matches any ads from other grocers, though another user wrote that shopping at multiple stores for different goods is the best way to save the most money (but with today's gas prices, less driving might be better). Plus, doing your Walmart grocery shopping in the morning apparently results in better deals.

Walmart's widespread locations might help as well, with nearly 5,000 spots around the United States, per Statista. This makes it easier for consumers to access the stores.