Giada De Laurentiis' Perfect Parmesan Potatoes Have More Cheese Than Potato

If you're watching an ingenious kitchen hack on TikTok or a recipe that's gone viral, chances are, Giada De Laurentiis is watching it too. De Laurentiis' cooking mostly centers around classic Italian dishes, occasionally introducing fans to lesser-known delicacies and sharing recipes for the odd cocktail or two. Every so often, however, the "Everyday Italian" host is happy to leave her cooking aside to test viral recipes and social media hacks in her kitchen.

De Laurentiis has practically tried all hacks that her fans have to document her adventures on her YouTube channel: She made viral pancake cereal with her daughter Jade, she tried making cookies from cake mix, and she brewed cappuccinos in the microwave like the rest of us. She even brought out her hair dryer to make crispy chicken and gave the hack a big thumbs up.

So now that a parmesan potato recipe has been floating around on TikTok since the holiday season in 2022, you know that De Laurentiis is going to be all over it. After all, she has been an advocate of potatoes with parmesan for much longer, often sharing recipes like parmesan potato pancakes, smashed parmesan potatoes, and baked mashed potatoes with parmesan cheese on Food Network. And if her Instagram video is any indication, De Laurentiis is also a fan of the newest parmesan potato on the block.

Fans are drooling over Giada De Laurentiis' parmesan potatoes

Sticking to the TikTok-style recipe for parmesan potatoes, Giada De Laurentiis places halved potatoes on a bed of grated parmesan cheese mixed with melted butter and pepper in her video. She then bakes the potatoes till the parmesan solidifies into a golden layer and writes, "It's all about that crispy bite at the end."

Although the celebrity chef was a few months too late to hop on the parmesan potatoes trend, as fans are happy to point out in the comments, Instagrammers are all for her crisp cheesy potatoes. "What is this crispy delightful looking bite?" wrote one user as "The Talk" co-host Amanda Kloots piped in to tell De Laurentiis, "That's how it's done."

Some users suggested that the Food Network star try smashing the potatoes next time for even more crispiness whereas others wondered whether this cheese-filled recipe could make Brussels sprouts a bit more scrumptious. The only complaint fans had to make with De Laurentiis? She doesn't provide a recipe for her crispy, cheesy potatoes!