The Couple That Fell In Love At A Cracker Barrel

Valentine's Day may be over, but it's never too late to read a heart-warming Cracker Barrel love story. It's not exactly a place singles go with the intention of meeting other singles. After all, it's a family restaurant where people bring their grandparents and children, but for Josh and Rebekah Rivera, it ended up being a lot more than that. They shared their story with People, which has likely served as a reminder that you don't have to go to the local bar to meet "the one." 

In fact, several other couples fell in love at a restaurant, including Katrina and Travis Nelson, who also met at a Cracker Barrel, where she worked as a waitress and he worked as a cook (via Today). They exchanged vows about four years later and took their wedding photos at the restaurant where their love story began. Whataburger and McDonald's also served as the meeting spot for a now-married couple. Manuel Monsebais and Jasmine Garza met as coworkers at a Texas Whataburger, as FOX 4 reported. Monsebais later popped the question at the same restaurant. Mark Maccie laid eyes on his wife, Cindy, for the first time at a McDonald's in Wisconsin while waiting in line to order. They celebrate their anniversary every year by returning to the same McDonald's, according to LAD Bible.

Joshua and Rebekah's paths crossed at a Cracker Barrel in Casa Grande, Arizona, on a Tuesday afternoon, unaware that they'd be tying the knot the following year.

The couple got engaged where they met

The Riveras' unexpected love story began in September 2020. Joshua sat down on a porch rocking chair as he awaited his table. Rebekah later grabbed the seat next to him, also waiting on a table. After striking up a conversation, they realized they had "an instant connection," so they decided to have lunch together. Eleven months later, Joshua proposed on the same porch where they met. They married three weeks later in a church and later in the sky, "Wizard of Oz" style, in the gondola of a hot air balloon.

Joshua and Rebekah continue to dine at the Cracker Barrel where they met and even had their son's baby shower there in 2022. And as if that weren't romantic enough, their fairy tale has continued with more romantic gestures and firsts for the couple, which Josh has been sharing on Facebook. He makes a point to visit his wife's job on a regular basis, either to gift wrap her entire office or bring her flowers while dressed as Spiderman. And in March of 2023, they bought their first house together. 

The happy couple will celebrate their second anniversary on September 5, 2023, possibly over an Old Timer's Breakfast. Dining out may cost more than eating at home, but sometimes it's worth the extra cash, as the Riveras' union proves.