Monster Pie Is A Real Thing And It's Terrifying

Monster Energy and homebaked goods don't sound like they should share the same sentence, much less a spot at the same table. The combo brings to mind an old "Jurassic Park" quote, "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should." Alas, we must report that Monster Pie is indeed a real thing and just as terrifying as you might imagine. 

Often professional chefs and amateur cooks will attempt to try new combinations in a bold attempt of pushing culinary boundaries. Some strange food combinations are even delicious. Take the peanut butter and pickle sandwich or hot sauce on ice cream for instance. This isn't the first time that people have experimented with using Monster for more than just an energy boost. For instance, someone has even created Monster Energy jelly or used Monster as the basis of a cocktail. But both of those attempts look downright ordinary in comparison to the oddity that is Monster Pie. One TikToker dared to go where no TikToker has gone before, and if you're interested in making your own monstrosity, well, you are in luck.

How to make the energy inducing pie

TikTok user @kitchentool showcased how he created his Monster Energy Drink Pie. Yes, that's right. He filled a pie crust with an entire can of Juice Monster Pacific Punch. Once the drink was poured into the pie crust, he added sugar and cornstarch, but it's important to note, he did not stir the mixture. To top it off, a little bit of butter was grated into the pie before it was popped into the oven. The pie came out of the oven mostly set but slightly jiggly as he cut a slice. 


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TikTok users were quick to comment their thoughts on the unique pie filling. One user wrote, "Proof we're not meant to survive as a species." Others were appalled at the sheer amount of sugar in the filling. One can of a pacific punch flavored Monster Energy drink contains 11g of sugar for every 100 ml. The recipe calls for an additional one cup of sugar, which had one user writing, "Another cup of sugar added to the already astronomical amount of sugar in Monster." 

The video ends before we get to know how the final pie tastes, meaning the only way to find out is to make it and try it yourself. Be warned though, eating this pie will give an energy jolt, as one can of the drink contains a whopping 160mg of caffeine.