Reddit Thinks This Is The Best Store-Bought Egg Roll Wrapper

What good is Chinese takeout on a rainy day without an order of egg rolls? The traditional Chinese appetizer pairs well with Lo Mein, Kung Pao chicken, and pho, just to name a few. Heck, egg rolls would even pair nicely with a cheeseburger if you wanted to make it happen. Simply put, egg rolls are downright delicious.

While they're most likely readily available at your local Chinese eatery, egg rolls make for a creative homemade appetizer. The great thing about egg rolls is that they're versatile. Love meat? Fill them with beef, chicken, or pork. Vegan? No problem! Fill your egg rolls with cabbage, carrots, and greens instead. Perhaps you'll go crazy and add both meat and veggies — let your imagination run wild.

As tasty as they are, egg rolls can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes down to getting the perfect crunch. Sure, frying time and oil selection are important, but a good egg roll starts with the wrapper. If you're not sure which wrappers are best for your homemade egg rolls, Reddit has you covered.

Twin Dragon is Reddit's go-to egg roll wrapper

If you're not familiar with egg roll wrappers, you might find yourself wondering which brands are best. One Reddit user started a thread asking for wrapper recommendations because their go-to wrapper — Dynasty egg roll and spring roll wrappers — were a bit too smooth and lacked texture. One egg roll expert offered a solution: Twin Dragon wrappers. The appetizer aficionado said they blister to perfection and rival the competition when it comes to price.

On another Reddit thread dedicated to the art of egg rolls, a different user said that Twin Dragon wrappers include instructions for rolling, which is perfect for the novice egg roll enjoyer. To make it even better, the brand's egg roll wrappers are dairy-free, making them perfect for vegans those with food allergies.

Next time you're making a batch with an egg roll recipe, regardless of what you fill them with, Redditors recommend you try Twin Dragon wrappers.