The Three Store-Bought Ingredients That Make Copycat Nothing Bundt Cakes A Breeze To Make

Truer words have never been spoken than when Julia Child said, "A party without cake is just a meeting." While it is possible to have a party or celebration without cake, it won't be nearly as enjoyable as one that serves some. When it comes to enjoying cake, you don't even need a special occasion to indulge. The tough question when it comes to cake isn't when to enjoy it, but what kind to eat? Followed, of course by, should it be homemade or store-bought? If you're going to go the store-bought route, one thing is for certain: it needs to be moist and delicious. The beloved cake chain Nothing Bundt Cakes offers an array of bundt cakes in different sizes and flavors.

While many other store-bought cakes rely on additives like corn syrup and niacin, Nothing Bundt Cakes uses real butter, fresh eggs, and cream cheese in crafting each cake. Bundt cakes, in general, tend to be more moist due to the unique design of a bundt pan. The donut-shaped hole allows the batter to spread evenly, meaning more surface area gets heat. The batters are typically moist to account for the extra heat. Nothing Bundt Cakes can offer up to 25 different flavors, depending on the time of year, but a standard 8-inch cake will cost around $30. If that's a bit too steep, you can recreate the cake from home for a fraction of the price.

No need to make cake batter

Nothing Bundt Cake has franchise locations in over 40 states and Canada, but if you find yourself craving a bundt and don't have a location near you, you can recreate your favorite bundt from home. Thanks to @thebombcook's TikTok video, people craving moist bundt cakes can make a dupe recipe while saving money. The recipe starts with a boxed cake mix, then adds a package of instant pudding, and sour cream. Both pudding and sour cream add moisture and richness to cakes, ensuring this cake will be anything but dry. The cake is baked in a standard bundt pan to achieve the Nothing Bundt Cake look.

When it comes to copycat Nothing Bundt Cake recipes, sour cream and pudding are non-negotiables. To ensure an extra moist and rich cake, mayonnaise can also be added. Since mayo is made from eggs and oil, simply replace one egg for the mayo. If you want to ensure a true dupe, you need to make cream cheese frosting. The frosting is a mix of powdered sugar, butter, vanilla extract, and cream cheese. To achieve the perfect look, pipe the cream cheese only around the top of the cake, and enjoy!