TikTok Is Living The Dream Over A McDonald's Pickle Order

Perhaps one of fast foodies' biggest grievances is the attitude surrounding pickles. If you love pickles, you know exactly what we're talking about — being forced to request a ridiculous amount of pickles just to ensure you get more than two on your cheeseburger. Really, what does it say about the food industry if an entire Reddit thread is devoted to comments like, "I'd love it if McD's would put more than half a slice of pickle in my burger?"

As you can imagine, people go wild when stories break about the pickle gods acting generously for once. For instance, when one lucky McDonald's customer was given 25 extra pickles last year, their post received 2,500 comments and more than 59,000 upvotes. Once again, just this month, another person's TikTok video went viral after she shared the cup full of pickles she got from McDonald's as a side. Her video now has more than 3.4 million views.

How one TikToker got an entire cup of McDonald's pickles

Although many customers struggle to get more than a couple pickle slices on their burgers, McDonald's pickles are actually free, according to a former worker. Yes, you might have to pay a small upcharge for extra lettuce or extra tomato, but as long as your menu item already comes with pickles, you shouldn't be charged for adding extra.

In one TikTop user's case, they went out on a limb and requested an entire side of pickles. To the internet's surprise, McDonald's obliged and gave her an entire cup-full. However, many commenters suggested that the employees were simply bored and trying to entertain themselves by "[taking] it to the extreme."

Others wondered if this was employees' way of getting rid of pickles before the end of the night. Sure, pickles can be kept in the fridge for up to three months, but that's if they're sealed, and as fast food workers know, sandwich and burger fixings essentially sit out all day. So as funny as it might be to get an entire cup of McDonald's pickles at 9 p.m., maybe stop to think about why employees are suddenly being so generous.