Reddit Can't Believe How Many Pickles McDonald's Gave One Customer

We all have different food preferences, which is why many of us like to make small modifications when we order meals, even at fast food restaurants. And while many restaurants try to be accommodating when customers ask for some items to be removed or added, some employees really go above and beyond when fulfilling these orders, as one McDonald's customer recently learned. Reddit user u/lostcrafts was so satisfied with the way the chain recently delivered on their request for extra pickles, they had to take to social media to show it off. They posted a photo of their pickle-laden burger, saying they were "thrilled" to have received a whopping 25 additional pickles during a recent McDonald's visit.

Other Redditors couldn't help but be impressed with the quantity this customer received. "Finally someone who understands extra pickles ..." one person replied, while another added, "This is the correct amount." Another joked, "This is what made America great in the first place." Some other Reddit comments confirmed it's not just McDonald's that will deliver the extra goods. "I worked at Burger King when I was 16 and I can confirm, you would get EXTRA," one replied. "I worked at Subway, didn't take long to learn people that want extra almost always mean 3x more than I would put on," agreed another former fast food worker.

Some people may be genetically inclined to love pickles

Many fellow pickle lovers were just delighted to see that the request was honored at all, as not everyone could say they've had the same experience. "As someone who asks for extra pickles all the time ... this is what I want," one user replied on the Reddit post. "I always hope for this," another agreed.

The right amount of pickles on a sandwich can be a pretty personal preference. While some are fine with a few pickles on a burger, others just can't stand the taste, so a burger loaded with them would be their worst nightmare. Then again, there are the true pickle fans who just can't get enough of the salty, briney topping. It turns out, there just may be a genetic reason for why some people want to load up on the stuff, while others ask for none. 

Some flavor preferences, such as a liking for stronger, saltier foods, can begin before we are even born. The diet that mothers consume while pregnant and breastfeeding can impact the types of foods their children favor, according to Metro. Additionally, some people have more sensitive taste receptors than others, which can make them less inclined to like excessively salty or bitter food. But, whether you love or hate pickles, we can probably all agree that there are few things more satisfying than when a restaurant prepares your order, with all its modifications, absolutely perfectly.