Wait, White Claw Sells Vodka Now?

White Claw, one of America's most prominent hard seltzer brands, is expanding its wavy horizons to create a liquor that promises to satisfy fans. White Claw has taken the throne as the top-selling beverage of its kind for several years, which actually resulted in a shortage in 2019. Per Neilsen IQ and Business Insider, the brand dominated 58% of the market in 2019, while its top competitor, Truly Hard Seltzer, staggered behind with a market share of 26%.

Its success is likely to increase even more with the announcement of its new vodka. According to a press release, the beverage will be filtered with the pressure of three 30-foot waves — a true testament to the brand's persona. The flavor, which has been dubbed the "smooovest" by the company, will include hints of citrus, grains, and a "velvety finish." The selection will feature three spirits: White Claw Premium Vodka (40% ABV), White Claw Flavored Vodka (30% ABV), and White Claw Vodka + Soda — 12-ounce cans with 4.5% alcohol. These beverages come in Pineapple, Peach, Wild Cherry, and Watermelon varieties while the flavored vodka comes in Mango, Black Cherry, and Pineapple. A few years ago, though, this wasn't possible, as vodka wasn't permitted to include a taste.

A change in regulations made this vodka possible

Before 2020, vodka was required to be "without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color," which prevented uniqueness between brands. Just three years ago, The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Board made the necessary changes for White Claw to make its flavored vodka possible. According to Indianapolis Business Journal, the definition of vodka shifted to "[a] neutral spirit which may be treated with up to two grams per liter of sugar and up to one gram per liter of citric acid."

Founder & CEO of The Mark Anthony Group of Companies, Anthony von Mandl explained in a press release that the flavored vodka market has been studied for quite some time to prepare for this moment. "We spent almost a decade researching and developing a new way to show drinkers what complexity looks, tastes, and feels like within the minimalist experience of vodka," he said. According to Mandl, this will be a unique vodka.